Alaskan Bush People exclusive: Gabe’s questionable driving skills freak out Bam Bam

Gabe explaining his unorthodox approach to driving. Pic credit: Discovery.
Gabe explaining his unorthodox approach to driving. Pic credit: Discovery.

The Alaskan Bush People sneak peek from Discovery is here ahead of tonight’s brand new episode of Alaskan Bush People and our exclusive first look is pretty funny.

Gabe’s driving is in the spotlight once again.

Alaskan Bush People shows us how reckless Gabe Brown can be behind the wheel, and brother Bam Bam is getting a taste of it.

Gabe’s questionable driving skills freak out his brother Bam Bam who appears to have a zen attitude about it all until the end of the clip when he’s completely done with Gabe’s fast driving up and down a steep mountainside.

On tonight’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, there’s a focus on Gabe Brown’s history of fast driving and bad judgment at taking corners and turns, which is on display as he is hauling some precious cargo with his brother Bam Bam.

And as you can imagine, it’s not a smooth sailing situation.

Opening the clip, the two are sitting inside a truck hauling valuable water tanks that are huge. Bam Bam says to Gabe: “Everything looks good… did you check the straps?

Smiling, he’s ready to go. Gabe replies: “Yeah rock’n’roll! It’s a beautiful day to haul fiberglass tanks.”

That it is as the sun beats down and not a single raincloud is in sight.

The only access point to the Brown’s homestead is this twisty dangerous mining road with rocky terrain, loose gravel and steep cliffs, and these two are towing over a thousand pounds of water tanks, with brother Gabe taking the wheel. As we mentioned and as fans who watch know, this is fraught with danger.

Bam is calmly asking his brother to slow the heck down.

He explains his chill attitude about Gabe’s fast driving: “You know now that we’re landlocked and we’re not boat people, all of us are trying to step it up a little bit with being a driver and for the family instead of [being] a passenger. Gabe even more than anyone has shown a want to really be that guy.”

“It’s not so much that he’s a reckless driver,” Bam says while making air quotes. “As that he really doesn’t know when to slow down.”

In closing, Bam makes his feelings known: “I find the best way to teach someone to do something just to let go of their ears put them behind the wheel and say ‘let’s go.'”

But that philosophy soon fades to black.

He now is concerned and tells Gabe: “Slow down a touch man, the last thing we need to happen is you to flip these things over halfway up the mountain.”

Gabe is smiling and says: “Sometimes I guess you have to run before you walk and we’re definitely doing that!”

This is now a situation as Bam Bam says: “Slow down a little bit man. What are you doing?”

His response from Gabe? “Doing a light Tina Turner [turn] first… [then] we’ll do a nice and easy [turn]… then we’re going nice and rough!”

The cavalier attitude about this expensive cargo isn’t sitting well with Bam who says: “Slow down, slow down!”

Also tonight, the first major storm of the season threatens the family’s progress. With a big bush wedding coming in days, the Browns are in a dead run to obtain these much-needed water tanks Gabe and Bam are hauling before the full force of the storm hits.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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