Alaskan Bush People exclusive first look: A baby on the way in season finale

Noah is slightly freaked as Rhain goes into labor and the Alaskan Bush People await their first grandchild. Pic credit: Discovery
Noah is slightly freaked as Rhain goes into labor and the Alaskan Bush People await their first grandchild. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People ends a jam-packed season this Sunday and the best was saved for last. Son Noah Brown and his wife Rhain are having a baby and we have the first looks at the whole exciting process.

The Brown family goes bonkers getting everyone in their SUV and even the dog is along for the ride as this first grand-baby is making everyone ultra excited.

In the season finale, the Brown brothers and sisters struggle to finish their planned homesites before the ground begins to freeze and work comes to a standstill.

But its this baby news that will top the show as Noah is freaking out slightly in our exclusive clip.

In the preview, we see that Rhain-Alisha has gone into labor and the couple race to get her to where she needs to be while the news travels quickly among all the Browns.

This undoubtedly is an exciting episode as the family awaits the first Bush baby’s arrival. From the news reported we know that they have a son. Elijah Connor Brown was born in February of this year.

Aunt Rain Brown used Instagram to share photos of “this cute little bean”


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Being an aunt is my favorite thing about me ? thanks @noah_d_and_rhain_alisha for making such a cute little bean ?#stayhappy #staystrong

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But before Mister Elijah Connor Brown makes his debut, dad Noah is pacing and beyond nervous, and he says: “Rain’s contractions have started and it’s time! The moment we’ve all been waiting for.  It’s happening after this long ordeal,we’re gonna have a child. Jackets are here, bags packed… I moved the truck. In the next 12 to 24 hours, I’m gonna be a dad, with a baby. I’m nervous, I’m resolved… I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.”

Indeed the festive almost party-like atmosphere of a pending birth has Ami, Billy and all the Brown siblings running about and heading out to check on Noah and Rhain and be there for the birth, but first they need to get everyone marshaled inside the vehicle, and then the dog comes along for the ride and sits in Billy’s spot.

Make sure you watch the clip closely as Gabe Brown gets in the car, he has a giant nail stuck through his ear.

Birdie is the one who calls for everyone to get a move on it. In a separate interview filmed, she says: “They all knew it was coming any
day but actually hearing her water broke…and the baby is coming… that’s exciting!”

Meanwhile mother Ami is super excited as well, she says: “Let’s go have a grandbaby!”

And Gabe notes: “We’re gonna be some uncles and aunts and grandmas and granddads…”

Make sure to tune in to this happy ending finale of Alaskan Bush People where the Brown family gains a new member and we know for sure that the baby is going to be fine.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday, September 8 at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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