Alaskan Bush People exclusive: Bam Bam Brown is an unenthusiastic goat walker

Bam has reservations about goats we learn. Pic credit: Discovery
Bam from Alaskan Bush People has reservations about goats we learn. Pic credit: Discovery

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has been tasked with babysitting goats while his family is away for a spell, and this Alaskan Bush People star is making no bones about his displeasure at the request from sister Birdie to walk her goats.

He is not a goat fan in the least.

This isn’t to say that Bam doesn’t have a huge heart. In fact, it was he who was one of the first in the family who alerted fans of the series back last June that his mother Ami Brown was in remission from her cancer.

He just doesn’t dig goats.

In our exclusive clip, Bam Brown explains what he is tasked with and what he has to do.

This goat wants no part of Bam. Pic credit: Discovery
This goat wants no part of Bam. Pic credit: Discovery

Heading out to the barn, Bam is ready to meet the hungry goats all bleating away. He says: “All right… who’s hungry, who’s thirsty…guys all right I got some water for you. How about it?”

Bleating. Goaty stares. “Bleeeehhhhhhhhh.” A barnyard Greek chorus of “whatevers.”

The goats all seem like they could care less that he is tending to them.

Trying to get them out of the pens so he can muck them and get them some exercise, he says: “Let’s get you some fresh hay in there.”

In a separate shot, Bam explains what he is doing.

“I’m taking care of the animals while everybody’s gone. Birdie asked me to … she walked me through everything that needed to be done. All right … she did ask me to walk they goats while she was gone.”

Back in action inside the barn, Bam is trying to get the goats to comply. He says: “There you go.” The animals are outside and getting some exercise finally.

He explains his feelings a bit more.

“No… I like animals and everything as much as the next person but I’m not the biggest goat fan in the world. They’re a little ornery. I will feed the animals, I will water the animals, I will make sure all the animals are taken care of and as happy as possible. I’m not walking goats though. I’m not a goat walker, all right?”

Well, liar-liar because Bam is a designated goat walker today.

Trying to rope and walk a goat is a hilarious exercise in futility, as the goats do what they want and have no concern for Bam’s schedule at all.

He says: “Where’d that rope go? Let’s go! Come on, come on let’s go get a little bit of sunshine all right just gonna do a couple laps…”

The goat is completely uncooperative and Bam is over it at this point. He says: “I guess you ready to go back inside. Inside everybody! [“Bleeeehhhhhhh”]

Like herding kittens, these goats are a pain the bleep. He adds: “Nope [chasing one back into its corral] no inside, inside! I’ll be back tomorrow….”

Birdie cannot get home fast enough!

Make sure to tune in as Billy and Ami Brown and their seven children Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Birdie, and Rain are enjoying the new Washington homestead, especially that longer growing season than in Alaska.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 10:00 PM on Discovery and streaming live on Discovery GO.

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