Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown may be taking a hiatus from social media

Bear Brown
Bear Brown says he wants to take a social media break. Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Bear Brown from the Alaskan Bush People may be looking to make a move when it comes to taking some time away from social media after reconciliation with Raiven Adams.

The father of one took to his Instagram over the weekend to share that he may not be posting anything for a while. In a cute snap, Bear was seen smiling while holding his son River. 

To his many followers, the Alaskan Bush People star wrote, “I hope everyone out there has a good morning! And in case I don’t post anything for a while, have a good afternoon, a good evening, and a good night! God bless!”

Alaskan Bush fans support Bear

Discovery Channel viewers are not totally convinced that Bear will say goodbye to social media and his fans forever. The self-proclaimed king of extreme has loved posting a plethora of pictures as of late. 

Fans flocked to the comments section to share their take with one writing, “Take time for your family, that’s truly what is most important in our whole lives! ?”

Another Wolf Pack supporter shared, “He’s just like his mom! But his looks will change as he grows. I’m sure he’ll start looking more like you as time passes.”

Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Bear was back in less than a day

As Alaskan Bush People fans expected, Bear didn’t last very long on his journey for a quieter life away from social media. Only 11 hours later, Bear shared a stunning view of the family homestead. 

Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Wildfires have ravaged Loomis and the surrounding area. Only last week, both Bear and Matt Brown shared that there were fires just over the mountain from them. 

In a scenic photograph, Bear shared that he was safe, writing, “Fortunately, the firefighters were able to keep the flames at bay! Our mountain is also safe! Hopefully, fire season is almost over!”

Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Bear also just got back together with Raiven. The couple ended their engagement back in April, but now it looks like they are hoping the third time will be the charm. 

The couple has given little update except for the fact that they are leaving a lot of their drama private and want to make their relationship work for the sake of their son.

It is safe to assume that Bear will be continuously posting updates regarding his little family as long as fans are still interested in seeing how he is doing. 

The Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Bear ‘Extreme Loser” Brown hawking for attention. He has a mind of a 5 year old and an IQ to match.