Alaskan Bush People: Bear and Gabe hang out together with their little ones

Gabe and Bear Brown
Gabe and Bear Brown were spotted having a play date with their children. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Gabe Brown and Bear Brown from the Alaskan Bush People looked almost unrecognizable as the two brothers showed off their mini wolf pack members in a fun family playdate. 

Bear’s on-again girlfriend, Raiven Adams, took the snap of both Brown brothers, each holding their children. Bear had River, and Gabe held Sophie close. 

Alaskan Bush People fans loved seeing the small cousins playing with one another. Bear had his long hair pulled back while wearing a mile-wide smile across his face. 

Gabe looked a bit more stoic and stern. In since-deleted comments, followers called out the father of one for not looking more pleased. But Raiven quickly came to his defense. 

Raiven stands by Gabe

The mama bear wrote, “Please stop commenting. Gabe isn’t angry he is the nicest guy and a great dad. Not everyone smiles for every photo!”

She went on to say, “He was told to smile by me and I took pics quickly before the kids move! He smiles in many of them but the kid’s faces are blurry!”

Bear Brown with his brother Gabe.
Pic credit: BearBrownKingofExtreme/Instagram

Raiven also posted the same photograph on her Instagram. Followers’ hearts were warmed with the overwhelming cuteness of the two children staring one another down. 

The aspiring model captioned her post, “?just cousin things.” One curious fan asked if Bear and Gabe were able to get together often.

Pic credit: raiv3n_mari397/Instagram

The Brown’s are distant

According to the Alaskan Bush People star, these precious family moments are few and far between writing, “No, we don’t just get busy doing things and haven’t had time to get together much! I was in Texas recently as well.”

Raiven Cooment
Pic credit: raiv3n_mari397/Instagram

The entire Wolf Pack has had a rough year after the passing of patriarch Billy Brown, back in February. Gabe has been helping his mother with the estate and homestead.

Pic credit: @Raiv3n_mari397/Instagram

Bear, on the other hand, has been forging his new relationship with Raiven. The Alaskan Bush People couple recently decided to give their relationship another chance after they called off their engagement. 

Last week, Raiven shared a TikTok video that showed the couple playing and holding hands with their son, River, in the woods. Raiven has never been worried about what others think.

In the same video, she shared that Bear’s parents, Billy, and Ami always believed they belonged together. Alaskan Bush People viewers are hoping that the family is given a new season.

There has not been an announcement from the Discovery Channel yet, but fans currently have every finger crossed hoping for a proper Brown family update. 

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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