Alaskan Bush People airs ‘lost episode’ as fans await update on Ami Brown

Matt talks to the camera on Alaskan Bush People
Matt on this week’s “lost episode” of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery

Alaskan Bush People will air a “lost episode” this week — as fans wait for an update on what has happened to the family since Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis.

Recent weeks have seen the Brown family struggling with the revelation that matriarch Ami is battling lung cancer.

Fans rushed to support the family after the news emerged, and producers told how they had received a “huge outpouring” of support for the Browns.

But there has since been no official update on the family.

This week’s show’s description reads: “As the Brown family awaits Ami’s treatment options, this lost episode shows the wolfpack’s ability to endure hardships in every environment.

“Adrift on the shores of the Alaskan wilderness, the wolfpack rediscovers their need for adventure.”

A clip from the episode was also posted on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page. But after it was put up some fans took to the page to call for an update on Ami and the family.

One said: “Tonight they are putting on a “lost episode! What about Ami and how she is doing?”

Another added: “We want to see what’s going on in the here and now.”

Watch the clip from tonight’s “lost episode” below, which sees Matt trying to impress a potential date — by juggling water bottles.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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