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Aladin Jallali puts Laura on blast as promised after the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All

Aladin on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Aladin continues sharing his thoughts about Laura and the way things played out on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Pic credit: TLC

The first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has ended, and now, Aladin Jallali is ready to share all the dirt on his estranged wife Laura, as promised.

At the Couples Tell All, Aladin made it clear that he wanted a divorce, an announcement that sent Laura over the edge. She insisted that she is a “good person” and broke down after Aladin made it clear that he’s not interested in trying to reconcile and that he’s done with Laura.

At one point, Aladin agreed that he would see a counselor with Laura in an attempt to fix things, but now, he’s said even that is off the table after her recent behavior and he put his entire truth on Instagram for 90 Day Fiance fans to see.

Aladin shared a lot of information about Laura and himself through a series of more than a dozen posts on Instagram. The very last one was a request to hear it on his Instagram from him so we’ll start with that and honor his wishes by sharing the actual posts — unless he deletes them, of course.

Now, back to the beginning of Aladin’s latest, as he explains in detail what really happened and why he didn’t speak up more during the Tell All.

It all started here, with an obviously edited photo of Laura and Aladin’s claims that he was catfished.

“I was catfished. Plain and simple. When Laura and I met online, she shared photos that portrayed her to be much younger than she is,” Aladin began. “Her photos, as I discovered later, were highly edited. Even she admitted to this during taping, but no one paid any attention to it. She told me she was 40 years old and I believed her. I did not even know she was using fake hair extensions, etc.”

Aladin went even further to say that when they did meet and he realized that not only did Laura not look like her pictures, she was actually older than she claimed, and he tried to get past it since he already loved her. It’s in his first comment below the caption and also seen on the photo itself after pressing play.

The next post from Aladin explained that he knew Laura is Canadian and he knew she did not have an American green card. He never was using her to come to the U.S., as she was claiming.

He did say that there was a plan to move to Canada together but claims that his paperwork was never filed. Aladin also claimed to have sent Laura money to do the paperwork but that she spent it.

And when it comes to claims that he used Laura for money, Aladin explained in detail, how she sent him a plane ticket to Qatar after his sister died, but that was the extent of it.

Aladin Jallali also discussed claims that he left Laura because her pension ran out.

And he also explained the rent situation, claiming that Laura paid for two months of rent out of six. He denies that she was paying all the bills or even most of them.

He also accused Laura of being “wasteful with money” and spending way too much on alcohol. In a totally separate post, he also said that Laura has a drinking problem.

Aladin also confirmed that Laura’s attempt to make wine was staged by production but that it was based on a true story. It’s a funny story too. Be sure to read this post and have a good laugh.

Aladin also said that Laura suffers from mental illness and that she takes medication for it. While he said that he likely would have continued a relationship with her anyway, he claims that she hid this information from him and didn’t let him make that choice for himself.

He also denies being controlling and wants 90 Day Fiance viewers and cast members to know that he wasn’t trying to tell Laura what to do. He was trying to keep her safe in a country that she was not familiar with.

And that Laura would complain about being lonely, but when he arranged things for them to do with other couples, she didn’t want to go.

As The Other Way viewers know, sex was a big issue for Laura and Aladin. He talked about that on Instagram as well.

“The sex issue. Many people judged me harshly,” Aladin said. “First, there are some acts I did not wish to perform with her. I will be respectful and simply say this is something a man can decide to do or not do, depending on his level of comfort with the act and the person.”

And he said that he was never violent with Laura.

Aladin said he didn’t cheat on her either.

So why did Aladin continue with the relationship and even marry Laura?

“Throughout the 3-day wedding I felt deep down that it was a mistake, but it was my last-ditch effort to prove my love and hope that she would change,” Aladin said. “She did not. She only continued to belittle and disrespect me. The honeymoon and her desire for fame at all costs were the proverbial nail in the coffin.”

He also claimed to have welcomed Liam “with open arms” even though he knew Laura’s son would cause him trouble.

And when Laura was leaving for the final time, Aladin said he didn’t make her go empty-handed.

He said that after filming was over, Laura went back and filmed new confessionals that were harsher than the ones they did together. He was given the option of doing the same and chose not to.

Then Aladin explained why he seemed so angry at the Tell All.

“I seemed changed, angry, aggressive, impolite and hard in the tell-all. Keep in mind that I had everyone gang up on me,” Aladin wrote. “Everyone came in with their opinion already made. She came in pretending to be a victim who had no idea of why this was happening. I could not believe she would play the victim card when she had manipulated me and everyone else the whole time. I was beside myself and so agitated that I could not even find the words to express myself let alone defend myself. How could I make them understand that this is what she does? She lies so well that even she begins to believe it!”

And he said that he should have brought a translator because he was having a hard time understanding what was being said and formulating a response to it because English is actually his third language.

As he’s said before, the pregnancy claims were not true. However, Aladin shared even more about that, including information about their trip to see a fertility doctor.

Also, he’s not gay.

Aladin also responded to those claims Laura made that he was cheating. He said that did not happen and even turned it around on her, pointing out that she’s the one kissing Evelin’s friend, Raul.

That was a lot to unpack, and, obviously, Aladin has been waiting a long time to get all of that off his chest. He also explained that, due to the language barrier, he actually had someone help him with his Instagram posts so that he could get his message across and that there is no hope of reconciliation with Laura at this point.

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