Aja Metoyer brands sister Cristen ‘liar’ over miscarriage claim on Basketball Wives

Aja Metoyer in an interview on Basketball Wives
Aja Metoyer brands her sister Cristen a “liar” on Basketball Wives

Aja Metoyer brands sister Cristen a “liar” for claiming she “lost a baby” on this week’s Basketball Wives — saying she had an abortion.

Aja makes the comment while out meeting Saniy-yah, who tells her about what went down on the trip to Palm Springs with Evelyn, Tammie, and Shaunie.

Saniy-yah recalls how she joked about a meme that said “Sometimes we’re not ugly we’re just broke” — and how Cristen then got upset and laid into her claiming she was having a go about her weight.

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Aja doesn’t hold back when she says in reference to her sister: “If you’re crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos!

“Stop crying about being fat, because that’s what you like to do — you like to be fat.”

Aja then loses it when Saniy-yah hits a nerve by telling her how Evelyn and Cristen were “in tears” when Cristen told her about a baby “she lost”.

She tells Sani-yah: “That’s what we call it? Losing babies? Okay, aborting a baby. She’s so manipulative, it makes me sick.”

Aja says in an interview with producers: “I’ve lost a child, I’ve had a real miscarriage in my life. Nothing about that is to joke about, like that’s a serious, serious, serious thing to go through.”

She says of Cristen: “Why do you think I’m so mad? Because when a person uses tears for sympathy…stop it. Stop trying to make these ladies your friend. They’re still not going to like you, because you’re not being yourself.”

And Aja reveals how Cristen calls the other ladies who were in Palm Springs “old hags” and “golden girls” behind their backs.

She tells Saniy-yah: “Cristen is full of s***.”

Also on this episode, Shauni, Tami and Evelyn rally together after their ambush by Brandi while in Palm Springs.

And when Jackie celebrates sexuality with a “love your body” party, things get crazy when Aja arrives ready for a fight.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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