Abigail Heringer talks paranoia and being put on a pedestal after The Bachelor

Abigail Heringer
Abigail Heringer skyrocketed into the spotlight after her historic debut on The Bachelor. Pic credit: abigail_heringer/Instagram

Abigail Heringer recently got vulnerable about the issues that come with life after The Bachelor franchise. 

The Bachelor Nation star appeared as the first guest on the Vaughnerable podcast hosted by her The Bachelor Season 25 costar and best friend, Chelsea Vaughn.

The ladies were candid about some of the negative reactions and misrepresentations they dealt with after appearing on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Abigail admitted to paranoia after becoming a public figure and addressed the challenges of being given an “America’s Sweetheart” reputation. 

During the podcast, Abigail shared ways in which she felt Bachelor Nation put her on a pedestal and turned on her when a false Dale Moss-dating rumor spread. 

While Abigail and Chelsea wanted it to be clear, they weren’t ungrateful for the platforms and positives they gained through the show. They also didn’t hold back in discussing the negatives they faced. 

Abigail Heringer became paranoid after The Bachelor 

On the Vaughnerable podcast, Abigail and Chelsea spoke about their feelings regarding The Bachelor franchise as they admitted that the recognition after the show was cool and exciting at first, but the high of being a public figure eventually came crashing down. 

Abigail expressed that despite the influx of initial public support, people can turn on you in a moment. She experienced how people turned on her during rumors that she was dating Dale Moss, and that’s when she realized just how fleeting the support could be. 

Knowing what she knows now, Abigail shared she was a bit naive to the long-term effects the show can cause, such as paranoia. 

Along with the rumor mill and people having harsh opinions online, Abigail also shared that she became paranoid as a public figure with in-person interactions. 

Two years after appearing on The Bachelor, Abigail still gets approached and has to worry that someone will want to talk about the show or take pictures, often unsolicited. 

Abigail said, “It kind of just creates this like paranoia a little bit, which we never would have realized after Matt’s season was airing.” Chelsea agreed, saying she’s also felt “legitimately paranoid” after the show. 

Abigail gave an example of texting Noah during an outing with Chelsea and Pieper James when BIP Season 7 was still airing. Someone who met them later messaged a Bachelor fan site and claimed Abigail was quiet and rude due to being on her phone. 

The deaf community advocate shared, “Moments like that, that’s where the paranoia comes from,” because people can create a narrative from the smallest interaction. 

Abigail Heringer addresses being ‘America’s Sweetheart’ 

Chelsea also asked Abigail how she navigated being a fan favorite within the franchise, even suggesting she’s “America’s Sweetheart.” 

Abigail shared that the beloved reputation within the franchise “put a lot of pressure on me to be perfect.” 

She felt that being put on a pedestal made some critics eager to pounce on negative rumors to knock her off the pedestal and prove her imperfection. 

Abigail admitted that rumors and reactions during Bachelor in Paradise were challenging to go through. 

“People were just waiting for me to have like that fall from grace, and once they got a taste of it, it was just kind of like ‘okay, we’re all gonna attack her and like prove that she’s not America’s Sweetheart.'” she shared.  

Abigail called the experience unfortunate but felt it was a big lesson learned, as she’s now more private and careful with what she shares. 

Amid the negative experiences, Abigail fortunately also found a special love story with Noah Erb that’s still going strong. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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