Abigail Heringer and Mike Johnson stoke romance rumors after another NYC Bachelor Nation meet up

Mike Johnson and Abigail Heringer.
Are Mike Johnson and Abigail Heringer Bachelor Nation’s latest couple? Pic credit: ABC

Another couple may be brewing in Bachelor Nation after Abigail Heringer and Mike Johnson posted some adorable snaps of their time in NYC together.

Abigail took to her Instagram story to share some fun moments from a Bachelor Nation NYC meet up.

Some of those who attended the gathering, aside from Abigail and Mike, include Chelsea Vaughn, Dr. Joe Park, Kit Keenan, Bennett Jordan and Serena Chew, among others.

One picture showed Abigail along with two of her girlfriends posing with Mike.

However, the picture that caught the attention of Bachelor Nation was a spicy snap of just Abigail and Mike.

In the pic, Mike strokes her hair and nuzzles up close to her face while Abigail throws up a peace sign.

Abigail even tagged him in her story and Mike reshared it.

This flirtatious pic has left fans wondering if Mike and Abigail are Bachelor Nation’s next power couple.

Are Abigail and Mike dating?

While plenty of Bachelor fans are shipping Abigail and Mike, it is unclear whether they’re dating or not.

Their body language in the picture appeared very intimate to fans like they’ve already built chemistry as a couple.

Both Mike and Abigail have been single leading up to that NYC meet up.

However, the couple has yet to announce whether they’re dating or not.

Abigail discussed her dating life on the Bachelor Nation podcast Click Bait in April 2021.

She expressed that she has been busy since moving to New York City and hasn’t had time to date.

“No dates right now. I’ve just been really busy. It’s been a busy couple months just trying to get adjusted to the city… I’ve just been hanging out with a lot of girls from the show and other girls that I know from back home. And so, I’ve just been a little too busy to date right now,” she explained.

She then revealed that now that she’s more settled in, she “is definitely ready” to date again and “is open” to dating someone from Bachelor Nation.

However, a source close to Mike told Life and Style magazine, “They are newly acquainted friends and are not dating.”

This doesn’t mean that a budding romance won’t form between the two in the future.

Mike and Abigail’s history with The Bachelor

Abigail appeared on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor. She became an early fan favorite for her sweet personality and discussing the adversity she overcame after she was born deaf. Matt even gave her the first impression rose.

However, Abigail was sent home ahead of the hometown dates.

Mike is somewhat of a Bachelor Nation veteran. He first appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He too became a fan favorite and went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans were pulling for him to be the first black Bachelor lead for the most recently-aired season, but the franchise ultimately went with Matt James.

If Mike and Abigail were to date, they would seemingly get plenty of support from Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Monday, June 7 at 8/7c.

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