Abbie Grace Burnett: Everything you need to know about John David Duggar’s potential wife

Abbie Grace Burnett and John David Duggar
John David Duggar is finally courting, leaving Jana in the dust. Pic credit: Instagram

Abbie Grace Burnett is the newest person for Counting On fans to obsess over. Yesterday, it was announced that she is courting John David Duggar.

For months there have been rumors that the second oldest Duggar son has been courting, but nothing had been confirmed until now. John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett talked about their relationship in a brief video.

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Abbie Grace Burnett is from Oklahoma. She is likely of the same beliefs as the Duggars, especially if they are attending church functions together.

John David Duggar met his love while at a church convention. The two revealed they had known one another by name for several years but had not actually had a conversation until the event.

Marrying into a big family will not be a problem for Abbie Grace Burnett. She is one of eight children and while that is smaller than the Duggar family, she will be used to having people around her all the time.

Abbie is 26 and John David is 28, which makes their relationship a little different for the Duggar family. The kids have all previously been quite young when they began to court, making this one a little more special.

Things are leaning toward an engagement in the future. John David Duggar declared he loved Abbie Grace Burnett in the video put out to announce the big news. With the distance between them, they are expected to move quickly to the next step.

This is definitely one of the more anticipated courtships, with Jana Duggar beating out her twin brother to hold the top spot.

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