A 90 Day Fiance fan found a rare unedited picture of Stacey Silva’s Instagram profile picture

Stacy Silva
One 90 Day Fiance fan found an unedited picture of Darcey’s current IG profile pic, and put them side by side. Pic credit: TLC

A Day Fiance fan discovered an unedited, or much less edited, version of Stacey Silva’s current Instagram profile picture and shared it side by side with the edited version.

Both Stacey and Darcy are known as “filter queens” who shamelessly over-edit the photos they put on social media. Fans agree that both of them are stunning individuals but that their excessive use of filters is too much.

Their already cosmetically enhanced features stand out even more once they put a filter on it, and their image gets unnecessarily edited.

Seeing a picture of Stacey without a filter is rare, and being able to view the differences in the edited verse unedited version of the photo side by side makes the onlooker see just how much editing is done in her photos.

Stacey’s unedited photo is very different than the edited version

Stacey shared the black and white unedited photo of her current profile picture to her Instagram in October of 2019, but decided to make the fully edited version of the photo her current profile picture recently.

The photos have dramatic differences in skin smoothness, smoky eye effect, facial definition, and shadow effects.

While both photos are beautiful, viewers can barely tell it’s even Stacey once the filters are put on. Her unique features get flattened out and overexaggerated by the use of a filter.

What fans are saying about the difference in Stacey’s photos

While some fans didn’t have nice things to say about either version of the picture, others agreed that the excessive use of filters distorts Stacey’s image so much you can barely tell its her.

IG comments on Stacey Silva
Some fans do not like Stacey’s use of filters. Pic credit: @darceysrevengewig/Instagram

Most fans wish that she would be comfortable enough with herself to not use filters, but they know that it’s her thing and finding unedited photos of her is rare.

IG comments on Stacey Silva
Other fans would like to see her use less filters and be herself more. Pic credit: @darceysrevengewig/Instagram

Nonetheless, Stacey has a huge fan base who loves her photos, filters or not, and are there to watch her on TLC’s Darcey & Stacey. Stacey is also in a loving relationship with her Albanian husband, Florian, who knows exactly what she looks like.

It is very possible that there will be a second season of Darcey & Stacey, which will feature them, their children, and significant others.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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