90 Day: The Single Life’s Liz has already moved on after dumping Big Ed and claiming he moved too fast

90 Day: The Single Life's Liz and Big Ed.
Liz may have moved on quickly after her breakup with Big Ed. Pic credit: Discovery+

90 Day: The Single Life star Elizabeth “Liz” Woods had a rough ride through the spin-off’s first season as it documented her relationship with 90 Day Fiance alum Big Ed Brown.

The brunette beauty and her relationship with Big Ed, was rocky at the best of times, and ended just as dramatically as it began.

However, it seems that after their dramatic breakup, Liz has already moved on with someone new. A Reddit user managed to capture a snap from Liz’s Instagram Stories where she thanked the mystery man for making her birthday special.

Liz shares snap of mysterious man after breakup with Big Ed

In the post, Liz is shown smiling while hugging the mystery man who has his back turned to the camera.

She captioned the post, “hey, you made my day special [red heart emoji]”

The post garnered feedback from fans who speculated just who the man might be. And, of course, most of them hoped that it wasn’t an indication that Liz was back with Big Ed and pointed out any clue to prove it was someone new.

“Omg I am so relieved!! So, I’m pretty sure it’s not Pig Ed,” wrote one fan, in part. “This guy looks much thinner, we wouldn’t never [sic] be able to see past him (in the bottom right) if it was Pig Ed.”

The comment continued to insinuate that because the mystery man’s ear came up to Liz’s eye, there’s no possible way that Big Ed was that tall.

But that wasn’t all. The commenter then went on to question how long it had been since Liz and Big Ed had split. After all, throughout their relationship, she was concerned with how fast Big Ed was moving.

“I am curious how long it’s been since they broke up? Not trying to judge her I’m just honestly curious,” they concluded.

Comment on Liz's mystery man on Reddit.
Pic credit: @u/keylimeeee/Reddit

Other fans compare Liz to Tom Brooks, accuse her of being with Big Ed for fame

Although some fans seemed genuinely happy for Liz, others accused the mom of acting like another 90 Day Fiance alum — Tom Brooks.

“She’s pulling a tom and trying to stay relevant,” a fan noted.

“Ugh, tom. Liz and Tom would make a hellacious couple,” another responded.

Comment on Liz's mystery man on Reddit.
Pic credit: @u/keylimeeee/Reddit

Another fan suggested that Liz was only with Big Ed for “exposure” and not for true feelings.

“She clearly smashed Ed for some exposure and reality TV pay checks,” they wrote.

Comment on Liz's mystery man on Reddit.
Pic credit: @u/keylimeeee/Reddit

Whatever the case may be, Liz and Big Ed’s relationship seemed dysfunctional to a fault, and by the time it was revealed that they were no longer a couple, most fans weren’t surprised.

Their time on the show was unstable from the beginning. After their first date, Big Ed went in for his infamous rejected kiss. But the awkward encounter wasn’t enough to completely deter Liz and the couple ended up moving forward together.

However, flash forward to the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All and it was clear that the cast wasn’t about to let Big Ed get away with gaslighting Liz and blaming her for the relationship’s demise.

In fact, another controversial cast member, Colt Johnson, went so far as to say, “You sound like a piece of s**t that would make me blush and that’s saying something.”

Whoever Liz’s new man is, hopefully he’ll be able to provide a stability she didn’t find with Big Ed.

90 Day: The Single Life streams on Discovery+.

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