90 Day: The Single Life viewers think that this season is hyper-sexualized

Jesse. Debbie, and Stephanie
The hyper-sexualized tone of 90 Day: The Single Life is rubbing some viewers the wrong way. Pic credit: TLC

The premiere episode of Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life appears to have stunned viewers who were not ready for the nudity presented and all the talk about sex and intimacy from each of the cast members.

Jesse’s butt was shown several times, Jeniffer talked about Jesse’s butt and some of her sexual preferences of being dominated, and Stephanie admitted that she has a sexual fetish for watching baking shows. To top that off, Debbie gave cringy details on a recent sexual encounter she had and revealed that she has a high sex drive now.

90 Day: The Single Life viewers think this season is hyper-sexualized

A popular 90 Day fan page made an Instagram post where they asked, “Am I prude or is the new season of The Single Life hyper-sexualized?”

They went on to explain, “It feels like there’s a massive focus this season on sex, sex lives, masturbation, specific sexual preferences, nudity, etc. than there has been in any other 90 Day show.”

They continued, “I mean yes that’s a huge part of dating for the vast majority, but it feels very in your face and like way too much emphasis on it overall for my personal taste.” They ended that thought by saying that the focus on sex is overwhelming.

@youreroadtochuckness also pointed out that they miss the old 90 Day Fiance before sex was not a major topic within the show or spinoffs.

Other The Single Life critics jumped into the comments to agree with the assessment and share their dismay.

One person wrote, “Agreed, especially when they be casting people like Debbie and Danielle!!! I guess they want their secks tonight.”

Another concurred and added, “Yes, I felt so old watching it because I was just disgusted by the constant sex references.”

Someone else interjected, “Well lemme tell ya…Bares All is the exact same way and I lost interest for that reason.”

90 Day: Single Life critics' comments
Pic credit: @youreroadchuckness/Instagram

90 Day: The Single Life viewers are disappointed by the cast

There are many The Single Life viewers who are annoyed by the cast choices.

Critics are having a hard time understanding why Natalie is still in America since she and Mike are no longer together and she is not working.

Viewers voted that they would have preferred to see Mike on the show over Natalie.

Other viewers think that cast members like Jesse, Jeniffer, and Stephanie joined the show to try and stay relevant.

Viewers were dismayed to find out that Big Ed would be back for another season given all the controversy surrounding him and his relationship with Liz. The fact that they are now engaged also spoils his storyline this season.

90 Day: The Single Life will premiere Friday, November 12, on Discovery+.

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