90 Day: The Single Life viewers think Debbie Johnson is the most entertaining part of the season so far

Debbie Johnson
90 Day: The Single Life viewers think Debbie is bringing the most entertainment value to the season so far. Pic credit: TLC

Debbie Johnson’s dating life, and the oversharing she tends to do, is 90 Day: The Single Life fans’ favorite part of the show so far.

Debbie has explained her wild dating history, her tame years as a wife and mother, and what she is willing to explore at 69 years of age.

Compared to the rest of the cast at this point in the season, many viewers are asserting that Debbie’s storyline and personality have the most entertainment value.

Debbie has a lot of supporters who want to see her find love and she also has many critics who find her cringy but still love to watch.

Debbie Johnson’s appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life is the most entertaining part of the show for viewers so far

A popular 90 Day fan page put forth the notion that Debbie is the best part of The Single Life season so far. They used a clip of her during a private interview she gave when she was on her date where she said, “If he doesn’t drink, then that’s his problem.” The fan page put cool glasses over her eyes as well.

The meme also had a picture underneath of Debbie guzzling down a drink with six shots in it that she ordered on her date.

The caption of the meme read, “Debbie has been the most entertaining part of this season so far!”

The comments section of the post featured other 90 Day fans who wanted to share their opinions on the assertion that Debbie is the star of the season.

One person remarked, “I always liked her and thought she was hilarious. I used to love how she would go back at LIErissa (laughing/crying emoji).”

Another fan asserted, “Shes the best part.”

Someone else in Debbie’s corner wrote, “Now it’s Momma Debbie’s time to shine!! She needs to find a nice man that will treat her like a queen.”

IG comments about Debbie Johnson
Pic credit: @90dayboomboom/Instagram

Debbie Johnson shared her sadness after her first date on 90 Day: The Single Life

Debbie found her date on the latest episode to be attractive and interesting and had hopes that he was interested in seeing her again.

But when it came time for the two to part ways at her house, her date said that he didn’t feel a love connection and left it at that. When Debbie got inside her house she cried about it and expressed her sadness over being rejected.

There were some warning signs on the date that the pair weren’t compatible that Debbie missed. Like his disinterest in looking at pictures of her cats and his choice not to indulge in alcohol consumption when those are two things that most 90 Day viewers know Debbie likes.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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