90 Day: The Single Life viewers question how Natalie Mordovtseva afforded IVF with no job

natalie mordovtseva the single life confessional
Natalie wants to be a mom whether she’s in a relationship or not. Pic credit: TLC

Natalie Mordovtseva may be struggling to earn a living, but somehow, she can afford to undergo IVF.

This season on 90 Day: The Single Life, we’ve watched Natalie navigate her relationship with Josh Weinstein.

The pair began dating long-distance before Natalie decided to pack up her life in Florida and move to California to be closer to Josh.

But being closer to Josh didn’t mean Natalie was happier, and last week, we watched as she broke it off with him after questioning how devoted he was to her.

Before their breakup, however, Josh was helping Natalie financially, putting her and her mom, Nelia, up in an apartment and getting Natalie a job interview.

But without a job, Natalie was struggling to afford to live in L.A. Now that Josh is out of the picture, 90 Day: The Single Life viewers are questioning how she’s surviving financially — especially after watching her visit a fertility clinic to undergo IVF.

As Natalie confessed, “I’m single, alone, in L.A. with no job. All my dreams just feel kinda disappear at one time.”

90 Day: The Single Life viewers put Natalie on blast for visiting a fertility treatment without a job

After this week’s episode, 90 Day: The Single Life fans headed over to X (formerly Twitter), where they sounded off, putting Natalie on blast for complaining about not finding work and yet planning to shell out mega bucks to become a mom.

@Choices_R_Mine asked, “If Natalie flipped out on Josh abt not having $ for an Apt., where in the heck is she getting the $ for IVF?”

“Those treatments are very expensive & no one knows positively if or when it will work for you,” their comment continued. “Blows my mind!”

natalie mordovtseva twitter comments about IVF
Pic credit: @Choices_R_Mine/@sweetarter10/@c_leone1/@karenellen45/X

Another 90 Day: The Single Life viewer queried, “Umm….how the hell is she going to pay for IVF, medical bills for maternity care and childbirth, then take care of a baby?”

“How are they supporting themselves? Now add a baby? Ugh,” read another inquisitive comment from a skeptical X user.

Another fan of the show questioned whether it’s Natalie or Nelia who really wants a baby.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Natalie called on her third ex-husband, Mike Youngquist, to consider having a child with her.

Natalie is insistent on becoming a mother

In an extended preview for Season 4 of 90 Day: The Single Life, we saw Natalie visit with Mike, and she boldly asked him, “Would you consider ever coming back and have a child together?”

In the clip, Mike didn’t respond to Natalie but was shocked when Natalie propositioned him.

We’ll have to wait to see Mike’s full reaction this season, but we know that off-camera, these two have officially called it quits.

Mike, 37, filed for a Dissolution of Marriage on December 5, 2023, from Natalie, 38, in Clallam County, Washington, after less than one year of marriage.

90 Day: The Single Life airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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