90 Day: The Single Life viewers blast Stephanie Matto for leading on Fred

Stephanie Matto and Fred
Many 90 Day: The Single Life viewers are bashing Stephanie Matto for leading her high school boyfriend Fred on. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers know very well by now that Stephanie Matto has been on a quest to lose her celibacy after not being intimate with anyone for two and a half years.

She thought that person was going to be her high school boyfriend Fred and went so far as to invite him into a bath with her and then took it a step further by verbally inviting him to have sex with her.

Fred was excited by the proposition and agreed, but fans found out the next morning that Stephanie ended up turning him down that night and told him that she only saw him as a friend.

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Stephanie’s actions led to backlash from critics who felt Stephanie led Fred on.

Stephanie Matto is receiving criticism from 90 Day: The Single Life viewers for leading Fred on

The way Stephanie invited Fred to be with her only to get him excited and shoot him down rubbed 90 Day: The Single Life viewers the wrong way and they took to Instagram to vent their frustrations.

A meme was made that used a still image of Stephanie with a smirk on her face as she told Fred about friend-zoning him which had the additional comment, “Me after leading him on by getting him naked and letting him sleep in my bed and then falling asleep.”

The comments section of the meme post was filled with other viewers who shared the sentiment that she wrongly led Fred on.

One person commented, “She is such a tease! I felt so bad for that guy. And if she says celibacy one more time I’m going to jump thru the tv!!”

Another critic wrote, “She is a c**k tease..she has severe issues she needs to work out. She doesn’t need a sex therapist, she needs a mental health therapist.”

Someone else remarked, “While I respect why she decided not to… IM DONE WITH HER A**. She led him on to a back to high school sleepover…. You can see his heart break at breakfast n she just walks him out.”

IG comments about Stephanie Matto
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Stephanie Matto had an Instagram faux-pas recently

Stephanie is known for posting a lot of sexy and risque photos on Instagram which often includes photo touch-ups and digital enhancements being done on the posts.

She took a recent photo’s beauty tweaks a bit too far and fans pointed out the oddity in the image.

In one of the photos in the series that was posted, Stephanie’s big toe looked enormous. It was twice the size of her big toe in other photos where her feet are shown and she got called out for overly photoshopping because of it.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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