90 Day: The Single Life star Tania Maduro claps backs at commenter who said she’s glad Syngin left her

Tania Maduro
Tania Maduro blasted a critic who wrote something negative in the comments of a recent post. Pic credit: TLC

Even though Tania Maduro made a tearful exit on 90 Day: The Single Life amid her breakup from Syngin Colchester, haters are still bothering her online. However, Tania didn’t let one critic’s comment slide on a recent post and she clapped back at them.

Tania and Syngin had an amicable breakup although it became clear that Tania wanted to save her marriage while Syngin appeared to accept moving on.

Tania’s critic used the narrative that Syngin left Tania to throw shade at her on Instagram.

Tania Maduro took aim at hater who dissed her breakup from Syngin Colchester

31-year-old Tania is active on social media and specifically Instagram and can be found replying to her followers whether it is good or bad. This was evident when a critic made a nasty comment towards her regarding their views on her and Syngin’s breakup and Tania had a response for them.

It looks like the hater’s perspective and tone on the split struck a nerve with Tania and she decided to put them in their place.

The hater dropped into the comments to jab, “Glad [Syngin] left you.”

Tania wrote back, “Thank Lindi for dropping by and sharing your negative thoughts. #misery.”

IG comment from Tania Maduro
Tania responded to a hater. Pic credit: TLC

While Tania has been the center of a lot of negative attention from her time on 90 Day Fiance for her attitude, actions, and opinions, she tends to stand up for herself but is also able to brush off the haters.

Tania Maduro is starting a podcast

Tania used her Instagram to hint at her possible foray into podcasting with the name of her show potentially being Talk with Tania.

She teased that the premise would be about her answering questions or talking about different scenarios posed by fans. She clarified that all submissions talked about on her show would be brought up anonymously.

Fellow 90 Day Fiance alumni Anny Francisco jumped into the comments expressing her interest in being a part of the show, to which Tania replied very positively.

Now that Tania doesn’t have a place alongside Syngin on 90 Day Fiance it looks like she is branching out into fulfilling her own ideas with her 90 Day Fiance fame.

90 Day Fiance fans will have to stay tuned for more information about Tania’s potential podcast and the exciting topics she would cover.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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