90 Day: The Single Life star Liz Woods gushes over fairytale relationship with Big Ed

Liz Woods and Big Ed
Liz Woods shared her feelings of being in a fairytale in her relationship with Big Ed Brown. Pic credit: TLC

Even though Big Ed is being featured as a bachelor in Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, he is far from it present day. He got back with his ex-girlfriend Liz Woods from Season 1 and they are engaged to boot.

Things are going so well that Liz has been smearing tribute posts all over Instagram for Big Ed, and one of her most recent posts pointed to her feelings of being in a fairy tale.

Big Ed and Liz have a checkered past together but that hasn’t stopped them from putting their best faces forward and presenting the front of a happy couple very much in love.

Liz Woods shared feelings of fairytale relationship with Big Ed Brown

Big Ed and Liz seemed to have had their reconnection after Ed filmed Season 2 of The Single Life because there are no hints as to their reconciliation this season.

Regardless, they not only rekindled what they had but went so far as to get engaged. Since their engagement, Liz has posted up a storm about her and Ed’s love.

Most recently in an Instagram story, she went so far as to gush, “Every day he asks me if I love him and the answer is yes. Everyday he asks me if I am happy and the answer is yes. I hope this fairy tail never ends [heart emoji].”

She followed up that post with another selfie with Ed saying, “Hi, I love you btw.”

Liz Woods's IG post
Liz gushed about her relationship with Big Ed on Instagram. Pic credit: e_92_marie/Instagram

A disturbing phone call came out in May of 2021 where Ed could be heard being extremely verbally abusive towards Liz. Beyond that, 90 Day viewers saw them have a complete breakdown of communication and trust several times on the show.

Big Ed Brown seems smitten with his date Kaory on 90 Day: The Single Life

Big Ed was introduced to Mexico-native Kaory by a friend and when the two hit it off, he traveled down to Mexico with his mom and dog to meet her.

On their first date, however, there was a shooting near the restaurant they were in that caused everyone to run and hide for cover. Big Ed felt like the scary incident brought him and Kaory closer together.

Big Ed repeatedly talked about the things he liked about Kaory and drove home to the idea that he could have a future with her despite their language barrier.

Now that viewers know Big Ed is back with Liz, they will be watching to see why things didn’t work out with Kaory.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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