90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Big Ed is thinking about kissing Kaory

Big Ed and Kaory
Big Ed is on the fence about kissing Kaory, but will he make a move on the next episode? Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed had a very epic and strange first date with Kaory on the last episode of 90 Day: The Single Life after a shooting took place outside of the restaurant they were at.

Big Ed thought the intense situation brought them closer together and it seems like it might have because Kaory accepted Ed’s invitation back to his hotel room to decompress after the incident.

Although nothing intimate happened, the entire experience gave Ed the courage to ponder making a move to kiss her during the next date they go on.

Will Big Ed Brown make the move to kiss Kaory on the next episode of 90 Day: The Single Life?

During the trailer for the upcoming episode of The Single Life, viewers saw that Big Ed will be going on another date with Kaory to what looks like a garden. Privately, he shared his anxiety over deciding whether or not going in for a kiss would be appropriate.

There is a hug and handhold that observers got to see but it’s up in the air as to whether Big Ed will make the move he was talking about.

Big Ed feels like his connection with Kaory is strong, and given that he isn’t spending a great deal of time in Mexico to visit her, those factors might play a part in whether he goes for it or not.

The other question is whether Kaory will be receptive to an advance from Ed.

Big Ed and Kaory
Big Ed and kaory will go on a second date and Big Ed will be on the fence about making a move to kiss her. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed Brown is engaged to Liz Woods present-day and she thinks they are in a fairytale

Big Ed has reconciled with his ex-girlfriend from Season 1 of The Single Life, Liz Woods, and the pair have gone so far as to get engaged.

Since news of their engagement broke, Liz has been posting up a storm about her relationship with Ed. In one of her most recent posts, she even compared their love and current lives together to a fairytale.

The Single Life viewers know, however, that Big Ed and Liz had a lot of toxicity in their relationship over a lack of trust and communication and they had several ugly fights on the show.

Off-camera, a disturbing phone call came out between Ed and Liz where Ed was being extremely verbally abusive towards Liz for getting a ride home from a coworker.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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