90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Are Caesar and Alona broken up?

Caesar Mack and Alona
Are Caesar and Alona from 90 Day: The Single Life split up? Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers just finished watching Part 2 of the three-part Season 3 Tell All, and based on what went down in Caesar Mack’s love life, there are some lingering questions.

During the season, Caesar cashed in all his savings to fly to Ukraine and use a matchmaking service to find the next love of his life.

After going on three different dates with women interested in him, he settled on a beautiful personal trainer named Alona Sivriuk.

By the end of his trip, Caesar asked Alona to be his girlfriend, which she obliged, but Tell All viewers heard from Caesar that he and Alona had broken up.

Caesar cited Alona’s desire to stay in Ukraine and with her father despite the ongoing war with Russia as the aggressor. Furthermore, Caesar said he had not one but two Ukrainian girlfriends at the time of the Tell All, and they were going to come to the US, and he planned on impregnating them.

However, based on the trailer for Part 3 of the Tell All, it looks like Caesar might not be ready to let go of his relationship with Alona.

What is Caesar Mack and Alona Sivriuk’s relationship status?

During Part 3 of The Single Life Tell All, Caesar will come face to face with Alona for the first time since their breakup, and old feelings on both sides will seem to be rekindled.

The way Caesar and Alona react to one another will beg host Shaun Robinson to ask about a potential future between them. Shaun will ask Caesar whether he will give up his two Ukrainian girlfriends and be with Alona again.

Present day, Alona and Caesar both follow each other on Instagram. While they don’t appear to have much interaction or engagement outside of a late November 2022 post that Caesar made telling fans to follow Alona, it seems they are on good terms.

Caesar was called disgusting at the Tell All

After Caesar dropped the bomb on The Single Life Tell All viewers and his castmates that he had two Ukrainian girlfriends he wanted to live with him and get pregnant, he was met with harsh criticism.

Veronica Rodriguez, Debbie Johnson, and Natalie Mordovtseva agreed that Caesar’s behavior was “disgusting,” and Tim Malcolm, who had previously been sticking up for Caesar, drew the line.

His only supporters on stage included Tania Maduro and Tiffany Franco.

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