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90 Day: The Single Life recap: Single and ready to mingle

Natalie, Jesse, and Debbie
Viewers caught up with The Single Life cast as they all embarked on the newest chapter of their lives. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers got to catch up with the six former cast members within the 90 Day universe who are now embarking on their new journies as single people, and viewers even saw a few dates.

Fans learned about where each cast member was at in their lives and what they are looking for in a partner. Some of the personal issues they were facing and their hopes for the future and their regrets about the past were also touched on.

The only cast members left out of the premiere episode were Syngin and Tania.

Natalie Mordovtseva, Debbie Johnson, Stephanie Matto, and Big Ed hit the dating scene

Natalie Mordovtseva met up with her friend at a beach club in St.Petersburg, Florida where she now lives, and described that she is mostly ready for the single life after describing her relationship with Mike as bad.

Later on, she went out with two friends where her group was approached by a very forward man and Natalie shared her confusion about American men and what to expect while dating them.

Debbie Johnson explained that she had not been on the dating scene for thirty years and had a recent bad experience where she did get laid but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Debbie’s two close girlfriends were introduced and they encouraged her to keep going for it with online dating.

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  1. disgusting how tlc have now resorted to showing the males (and only males) naked in this show. nobody wants to see these nasty mentally ill freaks naked.


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