90 Day: The Single Life recap: Roommates with benefits

Debbie, Jeniffer, Big Ed
This week’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life had a variety of dramatic moments. Pic credit: TLC

The hopeful cast members on 90 Day: The Single Life went through a lot this week between first dates, uncomfortable situations, and debut moments.

Natalie was the only single that didn’t appear in the episode, but there was plenty of drama for viewers to soak in.

Debbie Johnson, Syngin Colchester, Jeniffer Tarazona, and Jesse Meester were hoping to turn a new page

Debbie realized that she wanted to give herself a makeover, so Vanessa accompanied her to a cryo and Botox session and then to go get new clothes.

Although Debbie was uncomfortable, she found outfits that she liked. Later on, she met up with a friend who cheered her on while she got her hair and makeup done.

Debbie revealed her new polished look before meeting her date, Jay. However, Debbie was dismayed when Jay didn’t compliment the way she looked.

Syngin got a match with a former coworker on the dating app he signed up for and sat down with Tania to get her perspective on his foray into dating.

Tania did not like it one bit since they were still living together, having sex, and still technically married. She told him he has to move out if he wants to start dating.

Syngin and Tania
Tania and Syngin had an uncomfortable conversation. Pic credit: TLC

Jeniffer and Jesse did paragliding together, which they both enjoyed a lot before they got ready to meet up with Jeniffer’s best friend and her former lover, Cacua, for dinner.

Jesse told Jeniffer he was falling in love with her but she did not say it back before they went out.

At the dinner, Jesse and Cacua met and Cacua started laying into Jeniffer in Spanish about what she was doing and how he would win her back.

Big Ed Brown went on a chaotic first date

Big Ed decided to go visit his new love interest, Kaory, in Mexico. He brought his mom and dog along on the trip and they shared in Ed’s nervousness and excitement.

Things started off well when Ed met Kaory at a restaurant. Although she didn’t speak much English and he didn’t speak any Spanish, they still managed to get along.

Things took a turn when gunshots rang out at the restaurant and the camera crew, as well as Kaory, Ed, and the other restaurant patrons ran for cover and started praying.

Big Ed, the camera crew, and Kaory
Everyone scattered after gunshots rang out during Big Ed’s first date with Kaory. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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