90 Day: The Single Life: Josh and Natalie’s ‘fake’ storyline exposed

josh weinstein natalie mordovtseva confessionals the single life S4
Is Josh and Natalie’s rollercoaster of a relationship a sham? Pic credit: TLC

Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein’s up-and-down relationship has been playing out for three seasons on 90 Day: The Single Life, but they may have been pulling a fast one on us all along.

Following her split from Mike Youngquist, Natalie left Washington and relocated to Florida in search of love.

After a few failed dates, Natalie fell head over heels for Josh Weinstein, an L.A.-based CEO and founder of a modeling agency.

Natalie and Josh didn’t have any issues in the bedroom, but elsewhere in their relationship, they fell flat.

The duo has been arguing, breaking up, and making up for years, but according to a 90 Day Fiance insider, their on-air love story is all playacting.

On Reddit, u/fairyfeetx3 claims that they recently saw Josh on a flight, and he was with his real girlfriend, Calie Tagle.

Josh Weinstein spotted with his ‘girlfriend’ on a flight

Redditor u/fairyfeetx3 composed a thread titled “Josh and Natalie’s Storyline is fake” and shared their recent encounter during a flight.

“On a flight to Phoenix with Josh sitting in first class and his actual girlfriend, Callie Tagle, sitting in the back. I guess in an attempt to hide their relationship,” the post began.

“It’s obvious that this back and forth with Natalie is just for views,” u/fairyfeetx3 added.

90 Day Fiance story
Pic credit: u/fairyfeetx3/Reddit

Interestingly, Calie is employed by Josh’s company, Preview Models, and is listed on the company’s website as the team’s “Travel & Venue Coordinator.”

90 Day Fiance viewers call out Josh and Natalie for faking their storyline

In the comments section of the Reddit thread, others chimed in and supported the claims that Josh is faking his relationship with Natalie, reportedly for fame and recognition.

One 90 Day Fiance viewer wrote, “if you watch 90 Days Single Life when Natalie first met Josh. You can see his current girlfriend in the chair So yeah…… the show is scripted.”

Comments from Reddit
Pic credit: u/fairyfeetx3/Reddit

“Josh owns a ‘talent’ agency,” u/Karl-Farbman chimed in. “Apparently he supplies ‘talent’ to TLC for various shows.”

The comment continued, “As if Natalie’s storyline wasn’t terrible enough, Josh is only involved for the publicity and to further his company.”

So have Natalie and Josh been pulling the wool over our eyes all this time?

Josh and Natalie continue to send mixed signals about their love life

During the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4 Tell All, Natalie and Josh revealed they had slept together the night before, but otherwise their relationship was on the fritz.

Natalie was caught off guard when her estranged husband, Mike Youngquist, showed up and had Debbie Johnson serve her with divorce papers.

Despite stringing Josh along and Mike wanting to end his marriage to Natalie, she admitted that she never wanted to divorce Mike.

Taking the advice of her castmates, Natalie held off on signing the divorce papers until speaking with a professional.

Footage behind the scenes of the Tell All showed us that Josh and Natalie weren’t ready to hang it up when Josh asked Natalie to accompany him to dinner, and she considered his offer.

Speaking with producers backstage, Natalie admitted, “Of course, I considered it because I feel like cutting off Josh now; it’s like crazy because I got divorce papers from Mike.”

“And I’m… that’s it,” Natalie added. “If I’m without Josh, what do I do?”

Natalie added that she still has feelings for Josh but didn’t feel as though Josh was taking their relationship seriously.

“My life is a mess,” Natalie confessed, “I need to figure out my life myself.”

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Milly Sayegusa
Milly Sayegusa
25 days ago

Natalie you left Mike and still married. , you engaged with other guys , that’s not cool. You did damage to yourself by playing. It’s time you value yourself and grow with the past experience. Take your life back, by focusing on a career and taking care of yourself and learn to be independent, no man should be first . You have the ability to make better decisions and respect yourself.

Brenda Mace
Brenda Mace
25 days ago

Natalie is just a gold digger she’s so fake and childish !