90 Day: The Single Life: Is Natalie still living in California with Josh? Here’s what we know

josh weinstein natalie mordovtseva season 4, 90 day the single life
Natalie gave up her life in Florida to live with Josh in California. Pic credit: TLC

Natalie Mordovtseva gave up everything to relocate to California with Josh Weinstein, but have they made it work?

This season on 90 Day: The Single Life, we’re watching Natalie and Josh’s storyline continue as they give their romance another shot.

Despite Natalie’s concerns that Josh was using her for sex and not spending enough time with her and Josh’s apprehensions about Natalie’s clinginess, they decided to see if the second time was a charm.

After splitting from her husband, Mike Youngquist, Natalie relocated from Washington to Florida, where she met Josh.

Natalie began to create a new life in The Sunshine State and engaged in a long-distance relationship with Josh, but soon decided to move across the country to the West Coast to be closer to her man.

On-screen, we’ve watched Natalie’s first day in L.A. quickly turn from a happy, laidback day spent with Josh to a turbulent evening that ended with her storming off.

Off-screen, these two have given us confusing clues about the status of their relationship, too, so it begs the question: What is the status of their relationship?

It looks like Natalie Mordovtseva is still living in L.A.

For starters, although Josh and Natalie have scrubbed all evidence of each other from their respective Instagram feeds, they still follow each other on the social media platform.

And while they’ve made no mention of being romantically linked at this point, it appears that Natalie is still, in fact, living in L.A.

Some of her recent posts on Instagram have been geotagged in Los Angeles, California.

Natalie has been working as a model and actress, as evidenced by her posts on Instagram.

The Ukrainian-born beauty has recently participated in fashion shows in L.A., and most of her Instagram activity features her modeling work.

It’s unclear whether Natalie is modeling for Josh’s company, Premier Models, though.

Josh has been busy traveling to promote his modeling company

It’s hard to say if Josh, the founder and CEO of Preview Models, is still a resident of L.A. since he travels so much for work, but it’s likely as L.A. is the perfect spot to run a modeling business.

Most recently, Josh was in McAllen, Texas, where he kicked off a travel tour for Preview Models to do some model scouting.

Natalie is relying on Josh for a lot this season on 90 Day: The Single Life

As we watched in Episode 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life this week, Natalie and Josh looked at apartments for her before he went out of town for two weeks for business.

Natalie hoped that Josh would be her guarantor on an apartment lease since she had no credit or job to afford the rent.

But Josh wanted more commitment on Natalie’s part regarding their relationship before putting his name on any type of legal document.

While we don’t know whether Natalie and Josh are still an item, it appears they’re both still residents of L.A.

Josh is still plugging Premier Models every chance he gets while Natalie promotes her modeling work on Instagram, seemingly proving that she can finally earn her own income and afford an apartment alone.

Season 4 of 90 Day: The Single Life airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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3 months ago

Haha! I think it’s time she hangs up that dream. She is tough to look at without photo shopping and filters.

3 months ago

I say send Natalie back to her home. She’s only here to take advantage of the people she meets and the USA. Send her home!

Marta Klaskala
Marta Klaskala
3 months ago

I hope that Natalie and Josh will get together and that Natalie can have a child from that relationship. It will be a happy ending for all.

susanna rowe
susanna rowe
3 months ago