90 Day: The Last Resort viewers think Jovi Dufren is a sex addict and alcoholic

Jovi is under fire for his behavior. Pic credit: Discovery+

Jovi Dufren is losing more and more fans as 90 Day: The Last Resort plays out.

The latest spinoff from the 90 Day Fiance franchise has given us five couples sent to a gorgeous resort to sort through their marital issues.

We’ve watched one of the couples, Jovi and his wife, Yara Zaya, reveal their struggles, which include hiding things from each other and Yara’s disapproval of Jovi’s hard-partying ways.

While Jovi is supposed to be in Key West to work on his and Yara’s marriage, he’s been busy partying it up and hanging out with strippers, much to Yara’s dismay.

Yara isn’t the only one who thinks Jovi needs a major attitude adjustment, either.

90 Day: The Last Resort viewers are calling out the New Orleans native, not only for mistreating Yara but for failing to admit he has a serious problem with overindulging in alcohol and strippers.

Jovi Dufren is an alcoholic and a stripper addict, say 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers

On X, formerly Twitter, 90 Day: The Last Resort fans sounded off following the latest episode and put Jovi on blast for his behavior.

“Jovi needs to recognize his alcoholism is the root of all his problems,” voiced one of Jovi’s critics.

90 day: the last resort viewers call out jovi dufren on twitter
Jovi is under fire for his love of partying. Pic credit: @Mb1963Diane/@LunaWeaselton/@VazquezPam/Twitter

Another viewer joked they were too busy “being disgusted by Big Ed, Asuelu and Molly” to notice that Jovi “managed to hide being a horrible husband and a stripper addict/cheater.”

“Jovi seems like a sex addict,” another one of his critics expressed. “It starts with strippers and porn, next thing they are meeting for hook ups.”

Along with a clip of one of Jovi’s confessionals, another Twitter user jokingly added their own caption, which read, “My name is Jovi and I’m a STRIPPER addict.”

Another 90 Day: The Last Resort viewer used humor to convey their distaste for Jovi’s actions.

Showing him with a serious expression on his face next to a gif of Snow White cheerily clapping her hands, they wrote, “Jovi back in the room with his boo-ze.”

Jovi isn’t slowing down when it comes to partying hard

Aside from Yara hiding that she is taking birth control from Jovi, this couple’s main issues have revolved around Jovi’s fondness for hitting up the strip clubs, imbibing copious amounts of vodkas and water, and staying up til the wee hours of the morning.

Earlier this season, Jovi found a fellow party-lover in his castmate, Angela Deem. The duo drank and carried on late into the night in Jovi and Yara’s hotel room, angering Yara.

In a heated scene, Yara screamed at Jovi, telling him, “Bringing someone into my bed, that’s not okay!” when speaking of bringing Angela into their room, and even threatened to divorce Jovi if he doesn’t straighten up.

Jovi’s painting the town red every chance he gets has continued to be a thorn in Yara’s side, and it doesn’t look like Jovi is remorseful for his actions.

Yara lost her cool during a group boat ride and threw her drink in Jovi’s face after Big Ed Brown revealed that Jovi had been texting a stripper.

Despite Yara’s emotional reaction, Jovi felt he did nothing wrong and blamed his late-night texting on having too much drink, insisting he did nothing wrong.

It seems that Yara isn’t the only one fed up with Jovi. 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers are begging Yara to leave Jovi, claiming that she deserves someone better.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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