90 Day: The Last Resort: Kelly Brown accuses Molly Hopkins of ‘using’ him for a storyline

It’s over between Kelly and Molly. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s officially over between Kelly Brown and Molly Hopkins, and by the looks of it, there is no chance of reconciliation either.

During the eighth episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, we watched as Molly and Kelly bid each other adieu after they realized that attending a relationship retreat was pointless.

Their separate arrivals and behavior throughout the retreat should have told us everything we needed to know about their relationship’s eventual demise.

Molly couldn’t even bring herself to sit next to Kelly during group sessions, and it was obvious that any love shared between them was long gone by the time they arrived in Key West, Florida.

Although the dust has settled and 90 Day Fiance fans know that Molly and Kelly’s love story has come to an end, Kelly is still firing shots at his ex.

Following Monday night’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kelly uploaded a Reel to Instagram that he captioned, “TB to filming.”

Kelly sat in front of a green screen as he recorded himself and his surroundings while the song Feelin’ It by JAY-Z featuring Mecca played in the background.

In the comments section, Kelly was met with a plethora of supportive comments from fans who applauded Kelly for laying it all on the line by putting his feelings on national television and trying to make it work with Molly.

Some of the comments caught Kelly’s attention, and he responded to them. One in particular mentioned the scene when Molly visited Kelly’s hotel room as he was packing up his suitcases to leave the resort.

Kelly Brown says Molly Hopkins came to his room as a ‘camera opportunity’ and ‘used’ him for a storyline on 90 Day: The Last Resort

“How did you not see that she was looking for you to say something when she came to your room?” they wrote. “She was giving you an opportunity for 1 last try!”

In response, Kelly adamantly disagreed, writing, “no the hell she wasn’t. It was all camera opportunity. Why [can’t] people see she used me for a storyline.”

kelly brown tells an instagram user that molly hopkins used him for her storyline
Kelly threw major shade at his ex, Molly, on Instagram. Pic credit: @kellykb2022/Instagram

Kelly’s mudslinging didn’t stop there, either. In response to another Instagram follower who was hopeful he and Molly would have worked out their issues, Kelly got in another dig at Molly.

“I don’t deal with cheaters and liars,” the retired NYPD detective wrote.

kelly brown called molly hopkins a cheater and a liar on instagram
Kelly slung some more insults at Molly in the comments section. Pic credit: @kellykb2022/Instagram

Clearly, Molly and Kelly’s relationship was headed for disaster from what we watched transpire on 90 Day: The Last Resort so far this season.

Molly and Kelly’s relationship issues pre-date 90 Day: The Last Resort

But off camera, things delved even deeper. There were reports that aligned with Kelly’s accusations that Molly was unfaithful to him during their relationship, and things came to a head in November 2022 during an alleged physical altercation between Kelly and Molly’s eldest daughter, Olivia.

In February 2023, Molly’s manager, Dominique Enchinton, released a statement on her behalf relating to her and Kelly’s split.

“Close to Thanksgiving 2022, Molly decided it was best for her to end her relationship with Kelly due to unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior,” the statement read.

“Many of these concerns were becoming more visible and frequent privately and during public appearances,” it continued. “These concerns began shortly after Kelly’s retirement and his relocation to Georgia to be near Molly.”

Meanwhile, Molly has remained silent on social media and chose not to speak out about her and Kelly’s split following Monday night’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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