90 Day Fiance’s Stephanie Matto stuns in miniskirt for outtakes with her dogs

90 Day: The Single Life star Stephanie Matto smiling.
Stephanie Matto attempts holiday photos with her dogs. Pic credit: STEPANKA/YouTube

Stephanie Matto is sending out her Christmas cards early this year, so she got all dressed up with her dogs, Milo and Frank, by her side for a photo shoot.

The photos showed Stephanie clad in a black miniskirt with black Dior fishnets sitting on the floor in front of a well-lit Christmas tree.

The 90 Day: The Single Life star shared a few outtakes from her failed attempts on social media.

She wore an oversized green sweater with long sleeves and a high neck, with the front tucked into her miniskirt.

Stephanie had her sleek bob in a straight style showing off her new brown hair color.

The fart jar entrepreneur had a sly smile in the first photo as she sat on the carpet, with Milo looking away from the camera.

Stephanie Matto shares outtakes from a failed holiday photo shoot

Stephanie posted several images on Instagram as she attempted to get some great photos with her dogs. However, it was admittedly an epic fail.

“We tried to get cute Christmas card photos but we absolutely failed this year ??. However, Milo and Frank got tons of treats so it is an undeniable win for them!” she captioned the post.

One slide showed Milo with his head cut off, and Franks’s face was hidden as well in the furry photo.

Another image showed a sweet moment between Milo and the controversial 90 Day: The Single Life star, but it likely won’t make the Christmas card either. Stephanie had a smile on her face and closed her eyes with her arms wrapped around Milo, but his head was down in the photo.

Another attempt was another fail, as this time Milo was looking at the camera, showcasing his stylish plaid collar, but his entire face was blurry in the photo.

Stephanie Matto is capitalizing on her fart jar business

The 90 Day: The Single Life star has several business ventures under her belt–most of which are deemed quite controversial.

The one that received the most attention, though, is Stephanie’s fart jar business, where she made $200,000 after they quickly sold out.

Despite raking in the cash for the $1000 jars of fart, a trip to the emergency room led to Stephanie’s decision to quit the fart jar business. However, she’s still making money from the innovative venture.

These days the 31-year-old is still capitalizing from her fart jar venture and has added fart jar candles which she has been promoting heavily online. She has also added fart sheets to her range of products for sale, but that’s not all.

Stephanie is also passing on her knowledge to up-and-coming fart jar entrepreneurs with her Build-a-Brand program, where people can enroll and learn her secrets for a cost of $99.99.

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