90 Day Fiance’s Shekinah just had her third nose job and she’s already planning her next plastic surgery

shekinah garner records a reel with a new look
Shekinah is sporting a wig and a new nose in her latest Reel. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

Shekinah Garner is hot on the heels of her third rhinoplasty, and already, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way newbie is looking forward to her next batch of cosmetic work.

The 41-year-old aesthetician doesn’t shy away from altering her appearance and has been an open book when it comes to sharing all the work she’s undergone.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the mom of one has had two facelifts, two neck lifts, a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lip filler injections, regular Botox injections, three nose jobs, and two breast augmentations.

Shekinah’s most recent nose job took place earlier this month, so she’s still healing from surgery.

Shortly after her rhinoplasty, Shekinah recorded herself while still sporting the bandages on her nose and showed off the bruising around her eyes.

Although Shekinah didn’t share a full-face close-up of her post-surgery results, it was apparent that her face would be drastically altered once the swelling and the bruising subsided.

But the fact that she has a new nose (for the third time) hasn’t stopped her from continuing to look for ways to transform herself.

Sarper Guven shares that his girlfriend, Shekinah Garner, is ‘researching’ for her next plastic surgery procedure

Shekinah’s Turkish boyfriend, Sarper Guven, recently recorded an Instagram Story depicting himself and Shekinah relaxing together in bed.

Sarper panned his camera to show Shekina lying next to him, browsing on her phone, and in the caption, he wrote, “Omg she is still researching for next plastic surgery.”

Shekinah wasn’t bothered that Sarper caught her off guard while recording and leaned over to plant several kisses on his lips before giving his followers a side view of her new nose.

The tip of Shekinah’s nose, although still a bit swollen amid the healing process, already appeared thinner and more chiseled and up-turned as she offered a side profile view from her spot in bed.

What might the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way newbie be looking to have done this time?

So, what type of plastic surgery might Shekinah be researching this time? She hasn’t hinted at what she’d like to have done next, but obviously, it’ll have to wait until her nose is fully healed.

With the amount of work Shekinah has had done already, there isn’t much left for her to change. However, she has had several identical procedures done multiple times, so she could be researching corrective work or touch-up surgeries.

Judging by Shekinah’s ongoing search to alter her appearance, it seems as though this is a quest that will be perpetually ongoing in an effort to achieve her perfect look.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5 Tell All Finale airs on Monday, December 18, at 8/7c on TLC.

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