90 Day Fiance’s Sarper still has his little black book and he even color-coded it: ‘I’m not proud of this’

sarper guven records a confessional on 90 day fiance: the other way
Sarper is holding onto his sexual history with a black book. Pic credit: Discovery+

We learned that Sarper Guven was hiding a big secret from his girlfriend, Shekinah Garner, during Part 3 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way finale.

Sarper already admitted to being a former “bad boy,” claiming to have slept with over 2,500 women in his lifetime.

What he didn’t share, however, was that he kept a running tab of those thousands of women.

Sarper divulged to Shekinah that he has been keeping track of every woman he’s slept with, notating each one in a little black book he’s been hiding from her.

For over a decade, from 1998 until 2012, Sarper recorded all of his “bad body counts” in the college notebook.

During the Tell All, Sarper only gave us a glimpse of his little black book, but now, he’s going into depth, explaining that he even had a system to distinguish between what kind of lover each of the women was.

And although Shekinah was hopeful Sarper would destroy the evidence, apparently he’s still holding onto it like it’s some kind of treasure.

Sarper Guven isn’t willing to toss his little black book

In an Instagram Reel, Sarper recorded himself flipping through the pages of the book, which he admitted took about 14 years to create.

Sarper categorized each page by where he met the women and used Xs to count each time he slept with one of them, then circled the total number at the bottom of the page.

Sarper met some of his one-night stands at college, some during vacation, and others during his nightlife and business life, some he met abroad, others he met online, and some he met while working as a male exotic dancer.

Sarper kept a detailed, color-coded account of every woman he had sex with since 1998

He even color-coded the Xs, which were based on how they performed in the bedroom and how attractive they were.

Pink Xs were reserved for the “most prettiest” women, while the black Xs denoted the “most ordinary,” with all of the others meaning they were somewhere in “between.”

None of the women were named, only being designated with the letter “X” to mark they’d slept with the “Retired Bad Boy.”

From the time he began recording until 2012 when he stopped, Sarper’s number was 1,459, meaning that he slept with roughly 1,041 more women over the course of the next 10-11 years.

In the comments section of his post, Sarper noted that he wasn’t “proud” of his book but justified keeping it and showing it to everyone because he wanted to prove he wasn’t lying about how many women he slept with.

sarper guven's comment on his instagram post about his little black book
Sarper apologized to Shekinah and said he shared the book with his haters to “shut them up.” Pic credit: @sarper90day/Instagram

“I know it is a Disrespect to Shekinah,” Sarper continued, “But if i wouldnt showed this, it will be a shadow on me always… sorry again babe,” he added, tagging Shekinah’s IG handle.

Shekinah was nowhere to be seen in the comments and unsurprisingly didn’t like Sarper’s post, but he was met with plenty of criticism from the rest of his followers.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers bash Sarper for not throwing away his book

One of Sarper’s naysayers told him that “out of love and respect” for Shekinah, he should toss the book in the trash.

When asked why he’s still holding onto it, Sarper answered, “Come on its just a book… of my past.. proof pf how i changed .. from where to where i come wirh her.”

sarper guven's instagram followers comment on his little black book
Sarper says his sex log is “just a book.” Pic credit: @sarper90day/Instagram

Another one of Sarper’s critics echoed what some of his 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way castmates said during the Tell All: “Certain things don’t need to be broadcasted or televised.”

The Instagram user added that Sarper’s behavior was “attention seeking,” which he denied in his response.

sarper guven's instagram followers comment on his little black book
Sarper said that showing his little black book helped to “shut up” his critics and skeptics. Pic credit: @sarper90day/Instagram

“[I already] exposed my life, when people call me liar, how can u know, etc,” Sarper added. “I chose to show to shut them up.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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Carrie Hocking
Carrie Hocking
2 months ago

Absolutely disgusting!!