90 Day Fiance’s Miona Bell talks having babies with Jibri, defends luxurious lifestyle

Miona Bell of 90 Day Fiance on YouTube
Miona opened up about starting a family and how she affords her lifestyle. Pic credit: Jibri and Miona – 90 Day Fiance/YouTube

Miona and Jibri were a standout couple last season on 90 Day Fiance, catching viewers’ attention with their matching outfits and being dubbed “instant clout chasers.”

Viewers watched as they struggled to get along with Jibri’s parents while living in their home, and Miona came under fire by Jibri’s mom as controlling and for dressing too scantily.

Since their time on the show has ended, Jibri and Miona are enjoying wedded bliss as they continue to build their brand — Miona recently announced her signature ponytail collection, Miona Beauty.

Miona often interacts with her social media followers, where she’s amassed 193,000 on Instagram alone.

Recently, she answered some of her fans’ questions during an IG Q&A.

One of her followers asked the Serbian-born beauty, “Any babies coming soon????”

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell dishes on having kids with Jibri Bell

Miona explained that if might be a while before she’s ready for babies, adding that she would like to get her finances in check first, as well as prepare mentally and emotionally before welcoming any children into her life. She told her fans that she wants to make sure she’s “in the position to give [a] baby my full time and attention.”

miona bell expained to fans in IG when she'll be ready to have kids with jibri bell
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

Last season on 90 Day Fiance, viewers watched as Miona and Jibri struggled with moving out on their own, so another fan was curious how the 24-year-old entrepreneur affords her luxurious lifestyle. Their question read, “How could y’all not afford rent in S. Dakota a year ago but now own a house and a Porsche?”

Miona defends owning a home and a Porsche after critic questions her

Miona, who recently purchased a Porsche, explained, “We could always afford rent. Jibri didn’t live with his parents since he was 17 years old, when I [came] to South Dakota that was also Jibri’s first time there in 3 years.”

The Southeastern European native continued to explain that prior to living with his parents, Jibri lived in Chicago for years and ran his own successful business. Miona also had her own successful business in Serbia before coming to America on her K-1 visa.

Additionally, Miona said that she and Jibri didn’t stay with his parents for as long as it may have seemed during the show: “[Jibri] wanted me to come to SD so I can meet his family, we were there for maybe 3/4 weeks total and I [haven’t] been back there for almost a year now. That’s the pure truth.”

miona bell answered a fan on IG who questioned how she affords her lifestyle
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

After sharing that she purchased a Porsche earlier this week, Miona defended herself against critics who bashed her for showing off her pricey new car.

Miona made it clear that she was proud of herself for working hard enough to be able to afford the car on her own after growing up in a war-torn country with little income. She encouraged her critics to work harder rather than spend their time bashing her.

“Stop finding excuses and start working,” Miona fired back. “Trash talking other people for their success Is the reason why you don’t have the same. Change your mindset.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Carolyn S Kane
Carolyn S Kane
1 year ago

Miona you are going to end up supporting Jibri in the end. This guy does not want to work just run his mouth. You said almost nothing which was nice to see that you have manners. Him I feel sad for you. DO not have children for at least 5 years.