90 Day Fiance’s Georgi Rusev shows off ‘one year transformation’ with shirtless before-and-after pics

georgi rusev darcey & stacey season 4
Georgi is sporting a new look, thanks to peptide therapy. Pic credit: Discovery+

Georgi Rusev is sporting a new and improved physique with the help of some medical intervention.

The Bulgarian-born TLC star is following in the footsteps of his wife, 90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva, by shedding some unwanted pounds.

Georgi showed off the results of his year-long process to get lean and build muscle, all while combatting aging.

The 32-year-old masseuse posted before-and-after photos in his Instagram Story to kick off the weekend and credited the man who helped him achieve his new physique.

Georgi’s first slide included a screenshot of himself and Coach Max Herrcules of Modern Anti-Aging Solutions, a company that prescribes a variety of peptides to its patients.

Georgi flexed his bicep in the first pic, and in the caption, he wrote, “One year transformation For help achieving your goals and anti aging coaching @modernantiaging.”

Darcey Silva’s husband, Georgi Rusev, shares before-and-after photos

“One year ago…” Georgi added at the bottom of his “before” photo.

georgi rusev's before-and-after photos in his instagram stories
Georgi showed off the results of his year-long body transformation. Pic credit:

In his second slide, Georgi uploaded a present-day selfie as he posed in front of the men’s locker room gym mirror.

Georgi was clad in a pair of workout pants, opting to go shirtless for the photo, placing one hand on his hip to showcase his rock-hard abs.

“One year transformation,” he wrote in the caption. “For help achieving your goals and anti aging coaching.”

As it turns out, Georgi’s wife, Darcey, also employed the help of Coach Max at Modern Anti-Aging Solutions.

She’s featured in a video on the home page of the company’s website, in which Coach Max tells his clients that she was beginning her customized weight-loss journey.

Georgi has altered his appearance since marrying Darcey

We all know that Darcey is invested in her appearance and will go to great lengths to look how she wants. Now, it seems that’s rubbing off on her husband, Georgi.

Not only has Georgi used medical intervention to sculpt his toned and lean physique, but he also underwent some cosmetic procedures on his face last year.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Georgi visited one of Darcey’s favorite cosmetic injectors to get some filler and Botox ahead of their November 2023 nuptials.

Georgi opted for facial filler in his cheeks, lips, and jawline and, after the procedure, gushed over his fuller face.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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