90 Day Fiance’s Emily Bieberly talks balancing fitness with family, moving out of her parents’ house

90 Day Fiance star Emily Bieberly
Emily opened up to fans during a recent Q&A. Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Emily Bieberly revealed to her fans how she juggles her fitness routine while raising two young kids and explained how she copes with living in her parents’ house.

Emily and her husband Kobe Blaise were introduced to 90 Day Fiance viewers during Season 9. Emily, an American from Kansas, met Cameroonian native Kobe while on a trip to China.

Their relationship escalated quickly when Kobe proposed after only a few weeks of knowing each other and soon after, Emily found herself pregnant.

90 Day Fiance viewers witnessed Emily and Kobe’s wedding last season on the show and the couple now shares two children, their son Koban and daughter Scarlett.

Since giving birth to Scarlett, Emily has been hitting it hard at the gym and has been shedding some of her baby weight while getting healthy and often uses social media to share her fitness journey.

The Salina, Kansas native recently opened up to her fans about her fitness journey while parenting and how she copes with living in her parents’ house with her husband and two kids.

90 Day Fiance star Emily Bieberly talks balancing fitness and being a mom

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Emily engaged with her fans. One of Emily’s curious followers wanted to know, “Been struggling to [lose] weight for 2 years. How do you do it??”

Emily, 31, included a recent gym selfie with her answer, showing off the fruits of her labors in a hot pink sports bra and black biker shorts, going makeup-free and putting her long, curly hair up in a messy bun. She explained, “Stay consistent and focus.”

“Try not to get defeated if you don’t see your weight move on the scale,” she continued. “Remember Slow and steady wins the race.”

emily bieberly's IG Story slides about losing weight
Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

Emily often shares accountability photos in her Stories, proving that she gets up very early every day to hit the gym before Koban and Scarlett are awake for the day and often before the sun has risen. When another fan asked how she balances the gym with being a wife and a mom, she told them that she doesn’t make excuses, but simply puts in the work, which to her, is cathartic.

“I just make time for it,” she shared. “5am is what works for me. Having my ‘me time’ is my therapy.”

How do Emily and Kobe cope with living in her parents’ house?

90 Day Fiance viewers learned that Emily and Kobe were living with her parents during their season, and the couple, along with their two kids, still are. Another one of Emily’s followers was curious how she copes with living with her parents.

emily bieberly's IG Story slides about moving out of her parents' house
Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

Emily noted that she and her family are all “really close” and shared what they do that works for them: “We help them with all their projects, we are usually downstairs or outside and try to keep the kids busy.”

As far as moving out of her parents’ house, Emily promised her fans, “It’s a comin ? Don’t worry we will take you along!”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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