90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson admits she’s still not over Jay Smith, posts tearful photo

Ashley Martson on 90 Day Fiance
Ashley admits that she’s still not over ex-husband Jay Smith. Pic credit: TLC

With 2019 coming to an end, Ashley Martson is opening up about what a rough year it has been.

After a roller coaster year where Ashley and her now ex-husband Jay Smith split up, reconciled, and then split up again, the Season 6 90 Day Fiance star has been through a lot.

In a recent Q&A on Instagram, Ashley Martson opened herself up for questions, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she got quite a few that pertained to her former relationship with Jay.

The one that got Ashley going asked, “What would be some advice for someone who’s been cheated on but still [heart emoji} them?”

Unfortunately, Ashley couldn’t even give any advice on that because she’s still dealing with a similar situation.

“It’s hard as hell. I can’t even advise,” Ashley wrote. “I still am not over him. It’s been a hell of a battle. I definitely learned what true love is as well as heartbreak. Just keep going. One day at a time. You’re not alone.”

Ashley Martson isn't over Jay Smith
Ashley admits that she’s still not over Jay. Pic credit: @Ashleye_90/Instagram

To further prove she isn’t over Jay Smith, Ashley Martson posted a photo of herself on Instagram, and in it, she was crying.

“This is as raw and real as I can be. I’m fighting the tears just typing this,” Ashley wrote. “This year has been tough. This photo was taken accidentally the night of my birthday party in New York City. We had just split and I filed for divorce for the second time.”

Ashley continued, “The tabloids attacked me at my events all week about my failed marriage. He showed up to my party, unannounced. We were civil and had an appearance the next day so it was okay. He said Happy Birthday. He had drinks and hung out with his friends. As I walked out the door and got in the Uber with @ritzy_rina I just lost it. The tears came pouring out. It was the moment I knew… I knew I failed.”

The lengthy caption continued as Ashley Martson explained why she was upset and how it all just hit her at once, on the night of her birthday party. Then, she shared a message about how it’s “okay to not be okay”

Ashley said that the post would be the last time she speaks about her relationship with Jay or their failed marriage. She’s leaving it all behind in 2019 as she starts fresh in the new year.

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