90 Day Fiance: Yve Arellano enjoys self-care day at fancy resort amid ongoing marital drama

90 Day Fiance star Yve Arellano takes a break from her marital drama to enjoy a day at a resort.
Yve Arellano makes self-care a priority while enjoying a relaxing resort. Pic credit: TLC

Yve Arellano is doing her best to stay positive amid the drama in her marriage to Mohamed Abdelhamed.

The 90 Day Fiance stars had their relationship flipped upside down when screenshots of Mohamed’s inappropriate conversations with other women surfaced online.

Allegedly, Mohamed met the women online and began texting with them behind Yve’s back.

The news was heartbreaking to Yve, who believed she had found the love of her life in Mohamed and was ready to build a new life with him and her son.

While she has mostly been quiet about the status of their marriage now, Yve has made it clear that she is taking time to care for herself.

As she indulges in moments of self-care, Yve is also focusing on finding her inner strength to help her decide how to move forward.

Yve Arellano enjoys a relaxing day at a resort

Yve recently shared a post on Instagram showing herself enjoying time at a relaxing resort. She captioned her post saying, “#selfcare #sundays I’m loving @ojosantaferesort maybe it will become a #ritual #yve_arellano #selflove is the best #strength #perserverance #?? ????‍♀️”

This is not the first time Yve has expressed how important self-care has become for her. She has shared on social media the things she’s been doing to keep her mind off the drama, which include spa days, laying out in the sun, and enjoying music that encourages her to feel empowered.

Although Mohamed’s betrayal has become public news, it appears the two may be trying to handle things privately.

Yve has not shared much about her thought process but says she is doing her best to heal and move forward. It isn’t clear yet if that means she wants to stay with Mohamed or move on without him.

Mohamed Abdelhamed says viewers don’t know the full story

Once the news of Mohamed’s infidelity came to light, viewers immediately began criticizing and condemning him for his actions.

Initially, Mohamed did own up to his transgressions. He publicly apologized to Yve and said he hoped to have a chance to make things right with her as he did not intend to hurt his wife.

As fans continued to share their thoughts on the situation, Mohamed proclaimed that there was more to the story than what was shown on TV or what the blogs were saying. He claims fans do not know his side of the story and only know what Yve has shared.

When fans pushed back and questioned what he meant, Mohamed simply stated the remainder of the story would be revealed soon but provided no other information.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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