90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya fires back at ‘nasty’ comments about her ‘plastic’ face

yara zaya 90 day the last resort
Yara records a confessional during 90 Day: The Last Resort. Pic credit: Discovery+

Yara Zaya is fed up with critics taking aim at her appearance.

After unveiling her latest photos, the 90 Day Fiance star faces heavy scrutiny.

Yara and her husband, Jovi Dufren, were in L.A. this weekend to attend the People’s Choice Awards.

The couple walked the green carpet among some fellow reality TV stars and even some A-list celebrities.

After the festivities, Yara shared photos from her trip to California in an Instagram carousel post.

Yara showed off her attire for the evening as she posed in a form-fitting black dress with a spider embellishment across the chest area.

Jovi stood with his wife, clad in a black suit and white tee with matching black tennis shoes.

“What a fun night!!” read the caption. “First, thanks to all the fans who love this show which gave us the opportunity to be there. Thanks to @tlc @90dayfiance for having us attend.”

Critics take aim at Yara Zaya’s ‘plastic’ appearance

Thousands of Yara’s Instagram fans and followers liked the post, and in the comments section, she received a mixed bag of compliments and criticism.

While some gushed over Yara’s look for the evening, many were less than impressed and felt that the Ukranian native looked unrecognizable.

“What happened to yaras face,” asked one Instagram user. “Full facelift right before the awards show?”

yara zaya's critics comment on her instagram post
The fans weigh in. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

“Can you say plastic?” asked @airforcegal1989.

Another critic likened Yara to the Silva sisters, Darcey and Stacey, who have a penchant for plastic surgeries to alter their appearances.

@ne3boiz asked why Yara doesn’t look like herself anymore.

Others criticized Yara’s dress and makeup, giving her thumbs-down emojis to convey their dislike.

Yara defends herself and calls out her haters: ‘I like my face’

Amid the backlash, Yara took to her Instagram Story to call out her haters and defend herself.

She told her followers, “Love all the hate in my comments section. Women [putting] other women down [is] nasty.”

yara zaya claps back at her haters in her instagram story
Yara defended herself in her Story. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

Yara continued, “I like my face. And I also like the dress I [feel] like it’s different and unique.”

What surgeries has Yara had to alter her appearance?

The surgeries Yara has admitted to having are a nose job and breast augmentation, and she’s also had lip filler and Botox injections, which she touches up annually.

However, at times, she’s also claimed that she’s done “nothing” to her face.

Yara is happy with her results at the end of the day and has told her fans and critics that she is glad she opted for plastic surgery, especially her breast augmentation.

After explaining how breastfeeding deflated her breasts, Yara said, “So I filled them up, and I really, really, really love it. No regrets.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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1 month ago

Yara, In my opinion, you look great! You don’t look plastic to me, unlike certain twins on 90 Day Fiance.

1 month ago

What’s wrong with you haters? Yara is so beautiful and looks exactly like herself.