90 Day Fiance – Written in the Stars: Kenny and Armando, a match made in neatness

90 Day Fiance Kenny and Armando kiss
90 Day Fiance’s Kenny and Armando are a match made in the stars. Pic credit: TLC

Well, no wonder these two get along so well, they are match-made in the stars. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Armando Rubio is a routine-oriented Virgo that is paired with Kenny Niedermeier, an order-loving Capricorn. Could these two be more perfect for each other?

Armando keeps it clean

Armando is a Virgo, the sign of the maiden. Virgo translates to “virgin”, meaning purity. And boy are they ever.

Virgo loves cleanliness and purity. It is the sign of structure, order, and routine. An everything in its place kind of vibe. Armando’s clean-cut look is definitely the mark of the Virgo. Not a hair or shirttail out of place.

Virgo’s are an Earth sign, they are very grounded and practical and like to have things in order. So it would make sense that Armando would like to have a legal marriage with Kenny, Virgo’s love contracts, commitment, and clear boundaries.

Virgo’s are often very rule-oriented and traditional, which explains why Armando’s family approval means so much to him. The Virgo dedication to tradition and rules however can become stiff and unyielding even when they need to bend before they break. You can see this in how Armando interacts with getting his family’s approval, although it is bordering on causing problems in his relationship, he is unyielding on finding their approval and following the rules.

Armando worries over what his family will think about him and Kenny, about their wedding, and about their potential adoption of an HIV-positive child. While Kenny once again points out that is Armando’s family’s problem to work through, Armando struggles to let go of the traditional values he was raised with and that Virgo holds dear.

Virgo’s are very grounded and centered but that can make them difficult to move. That would explain why Armando is very firm about Kenny coming to Mexico as opposed to the other way around. Even when Kenny brings up other living arrangement options, Armando struggles to find a compromise.

Kenny keeps the order

While you may be thinking to yourself that big Virgo energy might be tough to be in a relationship with, to another steadfast sign like Capricorn Kenny, it’s a match made in the cosmos.

Capricorns also love order and neatness. They enjoy boundaries and guidelines just as much as the next Earth sign. They are very very hardworking, committed, and dedicated. They take their obligations and responsibilities very seriously and are very loyal. Neither Virgo nor Capricorns is one to be flighty or back out of commitments.

That is most likely one of the reasons Kenny is struggling so much being away from his family. To a Capricorn, the sense of commitment they feel toward their family can be a barrier to them enjoying their own lives. They tend to feel a deep sense of obligation, which while noble, can cripple them from leading their own lives or putting their own happiness first. Basically, they can work themselves to death.

So it is good to have another centered and grounded partner who can guide them back towards a balance.

Kenny and Armando’s future is bright

A Virgo/Capricorn pairing is an excellent match and many consider it a soulmate coupling. When these two get together there is deep, committed love and respect. The two get along very well and these signs are not prone to big explosive reactions. They are generally excellent communicators because of this fact. They are able to use logic to make grounded decisions.

While the two may seem like an all work no play bunch, their commitment and grounding is actually a wonderful container for love and freedom to grow from. The two can really enjoy life and their zest and focus can also be extended toward enjoying their relationship.

The two may need to work on going with the flow a little more and learning how to compromise a little better, but all in all, this is one match that is built for the long term.

We knew there was a reason we named them this season’s Most Likely To Succeed.

We can’t wait to see thier star-aligned romance play out on the big screen.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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