90 Day Fiance: Who is Syngin Colchester’s new girlfriend?

Syngin Colchester IG selfie
Syngin has a new girlfriend since his split from Tania. Pic credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Since his split from Tania Maduro, 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester has a new woman in his life.

Here’s everything we know about his latest love interest.

Syngin’s breakup from Tania played out on 90 Day Fiance in 2021 as TLC’s cameras captured their tearful goodbye.

The couple’s frequent arguments were a factor in their split, but ultimately, their incompatibility came down to Tania’s desire to have a family while Syngin wanted to remain child-free.

Since their split, Tania and Syngin have reentered the dating pool. Although Tania has yet to settle down again, it looks as though Syngin has found happiness once more.

Syngin’s new girlfriend’s name is Shayna, and she’s a native of San Diego, California, per her IG bio. As Syngin revealed during Part 3 of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All, Shayna is an unorthodox Jew, and as he put it, “So, she’s got piercings and tattoos.”

When Tell All host Shaun Robinson asked Syngin how serious their relationship is, he answered, “It’s quite serious.” And when it comes to having kids – a point of contention during his and Tania’s marriage – Syngin revealed that Shayna “doesn’t want kids at all.” And regarding tying the knot with Shayna, that’s also out of the question. Syngin told Shaun, “Oh, I’m never getting married again.”

Who is 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester’s new girlfriend? Meet Shayna

The South African native first went public with his new romance in an Instagram post dated July 27, 2022.

In the post, Syngin and Shayna shared a kiss on the beach in one photo and posed for a couple’s snap inside a restaurant in another.

“Let’s see what happens! (*Not* as seen on TV),” Syngin wrote in the caption of the post.

Judging by Syngin and Shayna’s IG activity, the new couple enjoys traveling together. It’s unclear what Shayna does for a living, but the link in her IG bio takes viewers to an NSFW content site.

Syngin’s ex Tania Maduro reacts to her ‘replacement’

When Tania caught wind of Syngin’s new woman, she was a good sport about it. Taking to Instagram, Tania recorded a humorous video in which she looked at her phone and made a disappointed face before throwing it down.

“When you see your ‘replacement’,” the caption in the video read with the caption on the post reading, “But seriously im happy for Syngin and his new chapter! PS. Don’t use me to throw shade at them.”

Are Syngin and Tania really over?

90 Day: The Single Life viewers watched during Part 3 of the Tell All as Tania and Syngin signed divorce papers on stage. However, Tania took to her YouTube channel recently and shared that she and Syngin spent some time together after the Tell All, meeting up for brunch and dinner and even sharing a hotel room.

Tania kept her fans wondering whether she and Syngin went through with the divorce when she recently shared a sultry bikini photo and asked her followers, “are we actually divorced yet?” Judging by Syngin’s frequent posts that include Shayna, however, it seems as though his new relationship is still going strong.

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