90 Day Fiance: What has Ronald been doing since the breakup from Tiffany?

Ronald Smith
Ronald has been busy since his breakup from Tiffany. Pic credit: TLC

Since Ronald and Tiffany’s public Instagram breakup after 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Ronald has leveled up his vehicle, been interacting with fans, and posting more selfies with positive captions.

Ronald is currently still in South Africa without his children as Tiffany remains in the US trying to figure out how to divorce internationally. Ronald has reportedly already filed for divorce in South Africa.

To many Happily Ever After? viewers, Ronald and Tiffany were in a toxic marriage that they only tried to make work for the sake of Carly and Daniel.

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Ronald was never very active on Instagram but he picked up the pace of his posts after the fallout with Tiffany and did contribute to the nasty breakup feud via Instagram story.

Ronald Smith has been remaining positive and responsive to his supporters since breakup with Tiffany Smith

In the last few weeks, Ronald posted several selfies, a picture of a truck, and an emotional image and caption about change and chance.

On Happily Ever After?, Tiffany got mad at Ronald for taking her to a used car lot to buy a work truck. Now that they are broken up, Ronald went ahead and got that work truck.

He said, “Proud proud proud!!! Blessed with my new little bakkie/truck yes i worked for it! Yes i deserved it! And now i can do my own business thing and partner up with my friend and start earning some good money to provide and support even MORE for my family.”

In the post about change and chance Ronald sadly remarked, “How true are these!?! Wow enough said. But chance is all i needed to be able to make and show a change!”

The post may have been pointed at Tiffany who Ronald felt never appreciated anything effort he made.

It’s also obvious that Ronald misses his kids greatly. In his most recent selfie, Ronald added the caption, “Happy Friday everyone hope you guys enjoy the weekend I know surely I’m going to try to because I really do miss my kids so just need to stay busy to keep my mind off things.”

Seven weeks ago was the last post he made that Carly and Daniel were in. He posted a proud father picture that Tiffany sent him of Carly and Daniel at the aquarium.

Ronald also noted that he does take the time to respond to private messages and comments of support.

What’s next for Ronald Smith?

Ronald appears to be laser-focused on improving his life away from his toxic marriage, making more money to support the kids, and interacting with his fans.

His new truck could open more doors for him financially and there’s no question that he wants to stay in the kids’ lives.

When Ronald will see Carly and Daniel again is another matter that Ronald and Tiffany will have to sort out although Tiffany said that she will never keep the kids from him.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is currently on hiatus.

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