90 Day Fiance viewers think Loren Brovarnik has body image issues: ‘You need a shrink girl’

loren brovarnik HEA S8 confessional
Loren is under fire for having plastic surgery. Pic credit: TLC

Loren Brovarnik is documenting her Mommy Makeover surgery this season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, but viewers think she needs to focus on her mental health instead of going under the knife.

After giving birth to her and Alexei Brovarnik’s three kids, Shai, Asher, and Ariel, Loren decided that she wanted surgery to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body.

The 35-year-old reality TV star opted for a “natural” procedure, harvesting her body’s fat, using liposuction to repurpose fat from her arms, abs, chin, and thighs and transfer it to her breasts.

On Sunday night, we watched as Loren bid farewell to her kids on the morning of her surgery.

Loren became emotional after the kids left, admitting she didn’t want them to see her break down and cry.

Then, when Loren and Alexei arrived at her doctor’s office, her nerves got the best of her, and she began crying again before heading into the OR.

Off-camera, we know that Loren is fully healed from her Mommy Makeover, which was a success, and she has been showing off the results on Instagram every chance she gets.

While Loren is pleased with the results and called her surgery the “best decision” she’s ever made, 90 Day Fiance viewers feel that the mom of three should have addressed some body image issues instead of having surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers urge Loren Brovarnik to seek therapy instead of surgery

Following Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, fans of the show headed to X (formerly Twitter) to sound off and offer Loren their unsolicited advice.

One of Loren’s critics uploaded a gif of Michael Jordan mouthing “Stop it,” and in the caption, wrote, “Loren your body image problem isn’t going to get fixed with plastics.”

“You need a shrink girl,” they added.

@Bedelia77 expressed concern that Loren suffered from body dysmorphia and included a screenshot of the disorder’s definition.

Body dysmorphic disorder is classified as a mental health condition in which a person “can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws” in their appearance, which is typically minor or invisible to others.

“Loren needs to see a psychiatrist as she said she has body dysmorphia,” the X user wrote. “And since that is a mental illness surgery is not going to get rid of what is in her mind.”

Another critic slammed Loren for making her Mommy Makeover sound “so cute and casual,” pointing out that there are “very real complications, including death.”

“Loren needs therapy, not surgery,” added @ilovealexis. “She’s beautiful. Don’t risk your kids growing up without you for a tuck and t**s.”

Yet another one of Loren’s critics noted that the 90 Day Fiance personality shouldn’t have risked her life “over vanity.”

Loren opened up about body dysmorphia on social media

Loren has admitted to struggling with body dysmorphic disorder, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

The TLC star fired back in response to a social media commenter who accused Loren of guilt-tripping new moms into losing their baby weight too quickly.

“Not at all!! I did NOT bounce back after the boys! And I have been very open about my body dysmorphia and postpartum depression,” Loren declared.

Loren defends her decision to have surgery

Since going under the knife, Loren has faced some harsh criticism, but she has continued to defend her decision to have a Mommy Makeover.

Loren made it clear that she isn’t fazed by the onslaught of condemnation she’s received on social media, telling her haters, “You can hate all you want but I’m so damn proud of myself! And that’s [what] matters most!”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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