90 Day Fiance viewers think Jen Boecher needs to accept that she’s ‘old’ and move on

Jen Boecher
Jen’s critics think she needs to face the music when it comes to aging. Pic credit: Discovery+

Jen Boecher is not okay with Rishi Singh’s mother continually telling her she’s “too old” for Rishi, but 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers think she needs to bite the bullet and accept it for what it is.

As 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers watched this season, Rishi’s mom Shimla took issue with her son and Jen’s 15-year age gap.

Although Jen was insulted that Shimla told her that being 48 years old was her only “flaw,” it’s not uncommon in traditional Indian families for parents to seek a spouse for their child who is closer in age — especially when they’re expecting grandchildren in the future.

However, Jen doesn’t see it that way, and she gets into a heated argument with Rishi during Part 3 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All regarding the sensitive topic.

During the last installment of this season’s Tell All, Jen makes an emotional video call to Rishi backstage, threatening never to speak to him again if his mom’s comments don’t stop.

“She thinks I’m too old, you know, and I’m like, ‘f**k her,’ OK? It’s just so f**king hurtful,” Jen tells Rishi during the tearful conversation. “And if I ever hear her say that ever again, we will never speak again — never, never.”

A preview from Sunday’s episode, including Jen and Rishi’s segment, was shared on 90 Day Fiance’s official Instagram, where viewers headed to the comments to sound off.

Many of them felt that Jen was overreacting and needed to come to grips with what Shimla has been saying all season — she’s “old.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers say Jen Boecher needs to face the fact she’s ‘old’

One such critic commented that Jen should be “thankful” that she’s “old” because not everyone is awarded the same privilege.

“Jen.. you are OLD. You’re not some young 20 or 30 year old woman.. you’re past your youth, don’t despair,” wrote another viewer, adding that the 48-year-old Oklahoma native should “be content” with her age because there’s nothing she can do to reverse time.

Another agreed, not understanding why Jen is so upset about Shimla’s remarks, telling Jen to “own it.”

jen boecher's critics comment on tlc's instagram post about accepting her age
90 Day Fiance viewers think Jen needs to accept her age. Pic credit: @90dayfiance/Instagram

More comments flooded the post, with another disparager adding, “Ur old move on.”

“She is way too old for him,” penned another who also urged Jen to “Move on!”

jen boecher's critics comment on tlc's instagram post about accepting her age
More of Jen’s critics showed up in the comments. Pic credit: @90dayfiance/Instagram

Pointing out that Jen can’t give Rishi’s family grandchildren, another Instagram user wrote, “What does Jen expect..she cant even give Rishi babies..hes young and Indian culture is all about family….”

Jen has already been called out by fans of the show for not being more tolerant of Rishi’s culture. She came under fire earlier this month when 90 Day Fiance viewers headed to Twitter to bash her for not researching Indian traditions before deciding to give up her life in America and move overseas.

Are Jen and Rishi still together despite the red flags?

Despite the backlash from Rishi’s family about her not meeting their expectations, Jen can’t seem to keep away from her former fiance. During Part 2 of the Tell All, the couple divulged that they’re no longer engaged, but they did admit to hooking up at a mutual friend’s wedding.

Viewers watched Jen break up with Rishi while she was still living in India, much to his dismay. And, though they can’t share details about the current status of their relationship, their Instagram activity seems to indicate that Jen and Rishi are either still together or, at the very least, broke things off rather amicably.

Part 3 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All airs on Sunday, May 28 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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