90 Day Fiance viewers slam Annie Suwan for getting lip filler

90 Day Fiance star Annie Suwan
Annie Suwan looked very different in a recent video that had 90 Day Fiance fans questioning whether it was her. Pic credit: @annie_suwan_toborowsky/Instagram

90 Day Fiance alum Annie Suwan came under fire after revealing that she got lip filler injections.

90 Day Fiance viewers were introduced to Thailand native Annie and her American husband, David Toborowsky, during Season 5 of the flagship series.

Instantly becoming a fan-favorite couple, Annie and David have continued to share their personal lives with fans on social media.

Annie Suwan shows off lip injections in new video

Recently, Annie shared a video on Instagram set to the song Beautiful by FTISLAND. In the video, Annie stood in a lilac-colored dress as she struck several poses, giving her best face to the camera.

In the comments section, Annie’s fans spoke up, many of them shocked by how different she looked in the video, sporting fuller lips.

90 Day Fiance fans slam Annie’s choice to get lip filler

“Noooo [Annie] you’re so beautiful the way you are,” wrote one of Annie’s 841k Instagram followers. “You don’t need filler.”

“What have you done?? Lips,” wrote another concerned fan.

One of Annie’s fans felt she didn’t need to have any cosmetic work done and wrote, “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it… aye.”

90 day fiance fans bash annie suwan for getting lip filler on IG
Pic credit: @annie_suwan_toborowsky/Instagram

Annie succeeded in tricking one of her followers into thinking the video was actually of her family member and not herself. When a fan asked, “Who is that?” Annie replied, “my cousin.”

The fan, who obviously felt Annie didn’t look like herself, fell for it, replying, “ahhh ok! I didn’t think that was you love.”

Addressing another critic’s comment, Annie made sure to clarify that her reason for getting lip injections had nothing to do with sharing adult content online.

“[Here] comes another only fans,” wrote one of Annie’s critics. She shot them down in her reply: “Lip injection has nothing to do with only fan ? no.”

Despite coming under fire for her lip injections, some loved Annie’s new look, including her husband David Toborowsky, who commented, “So beautiful my ❤️.”

annie suwan receives compliments on her lip injections on IG
Pic credit: @annie_suwan_toborowsky/Instagram

David’s outspoken daughter Ashley even loved her stepmother’s new look and took some time to compliment her: “Gorgeous Annie !!!!! I love it so much !!”

Another one of Annie’s supporters felt her procedure is keeping her young-looking: “Annie you look in your teens girlfriend ?❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????.”

Annie isn’t the first cast member from 90 Day Fiance to undergo cosmetic procedures and/or surgery. Most notably, the Silva twins, Darcey and Stacey, have undergone extensive cosmetic work, drastically altering their appearances.

Angela Deem, another 90 Day Fiance alum, underwent breast augmentation as well as Botox injections and dental implants to improve her look. Larissa Lima is another alum from 90 Day Fiance who has had extensive plastic surgery to alter her look completely. So, do you think Annie’s lip injections were worth the pain and money?

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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