90 Day Fiance viewers did not respond well to Tom Brooks’ girlfriend Mariah Fineman’s social media flex

Mariah Fineman
Mariah’s flex on social media did not go over well with followers. Pic credit: @ladym_tv/Instagram

It looks like Tom Brooks’ girlfriend Mariah Fineman got upset by something her followers were saying because she decided to send a message to her haters validating herself. Critics took it as a flex and laid it into her.

Mariah has only appeared once within the 90 Day Fiance franchise with Tom but she has an on and off again presence on social media. She has always included her relationship with Tom in her bio since they have been together and visa versa.

Mariah has been no stranger to criticism online, and she had tried to defend herself against haters before taking a break from social media.

Followers responded negatively to Mariah Fineman’s flex on social media

Mariah decided to go on the offensive after it appears she was the victim of some hate on social media. She wrote a message to her haters via an Instagram story that many viewed as a flex, and she received a lot of criticism for it.

She said, “To all the haters…. who are just really fans. when you go to Harvard, get your MBA and JD from USC, have two kids who skipped a grade, have a loving man, a castle of a house and and an amazing face with no surgeries- 2 EDUCATED brothers who went to MIT, Georgetown and Howard University…get back to me….until then get a life.. there’s a thought.”

A 90 Day fan page reposted her validation message and added the caption, “Mariah trying to flex to compensate for her f****d up face and poor choice in men.”

In the comments of the post, other Mariah haters followed suit with their comments.

One person tried to call her out and said, “Howard is a HBCU I know damn well her lily white a** didn’t have any siblings that went there.”

Another emphasized that they don’t care about her by saying, “I wish TLC had a Delete button that all the ‘fans’ could click to show her and Catfish how much we care.”

Another person made the point, “I don’t know who that is but she wasn’t flexing about how much money she’s earning which after all those accomplishments is all that matters.”

IG comments about Mariah Fineman
Other people had thoughts on Mariah’s flexing post. Pic credit: @mommysaydbdwrds/Instagram

Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman were supposed to be taking a social media break

In late July, both Mariah and Tom said that they would be taking breaks from social media.

Their desire to pull back from the spotlight online came as Mariah made some problematic remarks about COVID-19 vaccinations that got her in hot water with followers. Tom also got called out for talking to other women while in a relationship with Mariah.

Now that they are both on social media again, maybe the drama will continue online for followers to look out for.

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