90 Day Fiance viewers blast Jasmine for ‘abandoning’ her special needs son in Panama to be with Gino

jasmine pineda films a confessional for season 10 of 90 day fiance
Jasmine received some harsh criticism for coming to America without her special needs son. Pic credit: TLC

Jasmine Pineda is under fire for her parenting decisions.

This week on 90 Day Fiance, we learned that Jasmine’s son, JC, has special needs. She also has another son, Juance, who shares custody of them with their father/ex-husband in Panama.

During a conversation with Gino Palazzolo about having children together, Jasmine revealed that she’s hesitant to grow their family because of her fear of having another child with special needs.

Jasmine explained that JC is non-verbal and, therefore, struggles with communication. While Juance and JC are still in Panama, Jasmine eventually plans to bring them to the U.S. to live with her and Gino.

After learning about JC’s disability, 90 Day Fiance viewers second-guessed Jasmine’s decision to leave her sons in Panama to move to the U.S. to live with Gino — especially JC, given his condition.

Jasmine’s critics took to X (formerly Twitter), where they sounded off.

Jasmine Pineda put on blast for moving to the U.S. and leaving her special needs son in Panama

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “Jasmine really left her son with autism in a whole other country. Smh that’s crazy.”

Another fan of the show blasted Jasmine for her decision, writing, “No Jasmine!!!”

“You don’t leave your non-verbal, special needs child in another country,” they added.

twitter comments about jasmine pineda's special needs son
90 Day Fiance fans called out Jasmine on X. Pic credit: @pettya**nessa/@ConniePatt81/@Dannyfromqueens/X

“Fam jasmine left her special needs [kid in Panama] to do all this televised crying?” pondered another one of her critics, calling her decision “some cold business.”

Another X user questioned Jasmine’s motives and wrote, “How In the hell is geno going to be a father figure when the kids had been left behind by a dead beat mother.”

“Jasmine not going to have kids with him hell she left her other kids in another country and don’t take care of them,” they added.

Gino Palazzolo shows his undying support for Jasmine during an emotional scene on 90 Day Fiance

During Jasmine’s heart-to-heart with Gino, he admitted that he wouldn’t be deterred if they had a child, and he/she ended up with special needs, too.

In Jasmine’s eyes, JC’s disability isn’t the hardest thing about having a child with special needs, but instead, she says it’s the judgment she receives from others, including “stares” and “ugly looks.”

“It’s still a human being, and we’re gonna take care of him, right?” Gino assuredly told Jasmine. “You can’t predict it.”

Jasmine didn’t seem soothed by Gino’s feedback, however, so he continued to try and set her mind at ease — especially after she blamed herself for “ruining” JC.

“It’s still a child, you know… there’s no difference whether he has a disability or not. That’s the way you should look at it. Nothing is your fault. Don’t think it’s your fault.”

Whether or not Jasmine will decide to try and have a child with Gino remains up in the air at this point. But regardless, Gino has made it clear that he’ll be by her side 100 percent, no matter what.

Gino shared a touching confessional with TLC’s cameras after his and Jasmine’s segment.

Gino assuredly declared, “I just want to assure her that, you know, whatever happens with us in regards to having children, whether we have a child or not, I will always be there for her, no matter what, and I’m not going to abandon her.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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