90 Day Fiance viewers beg Yara to leave her ‘clown’ of a husband Jovi: ‘He doesn’t deserve you’

90 Day Fiance fans think Yara needs to ditch Jovi. Pic credit: Discovery+

Following this week’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, viewers are taking aim at Jovi Dufren.

As we watched, Jovi led the charge and invited the rest of the guys at the resort to the strip club, one of his favorite places to be.

Jovi’s affinity for exotic dancers means he keeps strippers on speed dial, so he called one up and headed out for a night of boozing.

After spending a wild night with Big Ed, Asuelu, and a bevy of strippers, Jovi was feeling the aftereffects the next morning.

When Yara began asking questions about his night out with the guys, things escalated quickly.

Jovi felt as though Yara should have applauded him for being the only guy in the group who didn’t touch any of the strippers.

But Yara was more concerned with Jovi hiding it from her and his obsession with strippers, especially since she goes to great lengths to look attractive to her husband.

The conversation ended with Yara in tears and Jovi feeling as though she was taking her insecurities out on him.

Following the episode, 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers sided with Yara and threw some major shade at Jovi.

In an Instagram post uploaded by Yara, the Ukrainian beauty shared a carousel of photos of herself and Jovi enjoying a recent trip to the Warner Brothers Discovery studios in NYC.

In the comments, plenty of Yara’s followers expressed their opinions, and many agreed that Yara should kick Jovi to the curb due to his behavior.

90 Day: The Last Resort viewers urge Yara to show Jovi the door

One of Jovi’s disparagers asked Yara, “Why are you wasting your time with the clown?”

Another Instagram user told Yara that Jovi “doesn’t deserve” her and encouraged her to find a “stronger and more successful man.”

yara zaya instagram comments
90 Day: The Last Resort viewers took aim at Jovi. Pic credit: @yarazara/Instagram

“Why u still marry to him all he cares about is strip club this clown won’t change get rid of him,” commented another disgruntled 90 Day: The Last Resort viewer.

More of Yara’s fans urged her to leave Jovi, with another calling the New Orleans native “nothing more than a stressful dead-weight pile” and telling Yara that she needed to move on with someone else.

yara zaya instagram comments
More of Yara’s fans threw major shade at Jovi. Pic credit: @yarazara/Instagram

“He does not deserve you,” echoed another one of Jovi’s critics, who gave a major thumbs down to Jovi’s penchant for strippers and strip clubs.

The commenter added that Yara and her daughter, Mylah, deserve better than Jovi and that she could snag a “hot rich” man instead.

Jovi’s antics have pushed Yara to her limit

Jovi and Yara are working on their marital problems on 90 Day: The Last Resort this season. They’ve battled through keeping secrets from each other and trust issues.

But there seems to be a common theme between them that we’ve seen become a problem over and over again in recent years: Jovi wants to drink and party all the time.

Earlier this season, Yara threatened to divorce Jovi because of his hard-partying ways. Although strippers weren’t involved this time, drinking was.

When Jovi brought their castmate Angela Deem into his and Yara’s hotel room, Yara went ballistic and laid down the law.

“We have a real problem, I’m telling you right now,” Yara proclaimed. “If you’re gonna do this to me, we gonna get divorced.”

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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