90 Day Fiance viewers beg Syngin Colchester to put on some clothes as he shows off his weight loss

Syngin TLC confessional
Syngin showed off the results of his recent weight loss, but his critics weren’t impressed with the pic. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester is proud to show off his recent weight loss, but his critics think he could have done so by not baring so much skin.

Syngin has been open about his weight loss journey on social media.

In April, he told his Instagram followers that he was embarking on a weight loss journey before he and his new girlfriend move to Thailand.

Sharing an update on how much weight he has lost thus far, Syngin shared a carousel of photos on Instagram in early May.

In the caption, Syngin wrote, “Weight loss update! 9 pounds down and this is what I have been up to.. I am getting back into nature again, hitting the gym, and drinking wayyyy less. (That’s probably where the 9 pounds went haha).”

Syngin added that losing weight has also improved his mental health and promised to continue to keep his followers updated on his progress.

Syngin Colchester proudly shows off his weight loss

Some of the slides showed Syngin’s current weight on a digital scale, as well as him hiking and breaking a sweat in the gym.

The first photo in the post depicted Syngin posing in nothing but his skivvies as he flexed his biceps with a huge smile.

The red-haired South African native received more than 6,100 likes on his post, and hundreds of his 277,000 followers flocked to the comments section.

Many of them voiced that they were less than impressed with the first photo in the carousel and could have gone without seeing him nearly in the buff.

90 Day Fiance viewers urge Syngin Colchester to put his clothes back on

“Ya we didn’t need to see this!! Kinda gross!!” wrote one critic, with another echoing the sentiment, “We didn’t need to see this.”

“Ew. Put some clothes on,” penned another disparager.

syngin colchester's instagram critics complain about him showing too much skin
Syngin’s critics complained that he bared too much. Pic credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Another one of Syngin’s followers urged him to put on some clothes, telling him, “Not a good look.”

“Good god I can’t unsee this,” read another comment from an Instagram user.

“Ugh! Why?” asked another commentator. “Just do it, why do we have to suffer too?”

Things are getting serious between Syngin and his girlfriend, Shayna

Since splitting from fellow 90 Day Fiance star Tania Maduro in 2021, Syngin has since moved on with a new woman.

It looks as though things are getting serious between him and his girlfriend, a San Diego native by the name of Shayna.

Last month, Syngin and Shayna shared a video of Shayna getting inked with Syngin’s name on the inside of her lower lip.

“When your girlfriend is also your biggest fan ?❤️,” read the accompanying caption.

In another post from April 2023, Syngin and Shayne referred to themselves as each other’s “soulmates.”

In the video, the two packed on the PDA as images of his and hers moon phases were shown in the background.

“Well if the moon says it… must be true ?,” Syngin wrote in the caption.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+

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