90 Day Fiance viewers are not impressed with Nikki Exotika’s singing: ‘She made a fool of herself’

nikki exotika 90 day fiance season 10 confessional
Nikki came under fire for her musical performance on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Nikki Exotika may have received stellar reviews from her fiance, Justin, and his family for her singing, but 90 Day Fiance viewers think she deserved to have tomatoes tossed her way.

In Sunday’s episode, Nikki and Justin (real name Igor Shutencov) celebrated their engagement on her last night in Moldova.

During dinner, some of Justin’s friends put Nikki on the spot, pushing her to take the stage and show off her musical talent.

Nikki obliged, although she was admittedly nervous and didn’t want to sing her song, Your Body, but she caved under the pressure.

Nikki grabbed her microphone and began to sing, much to the delight of Justin’s family members and friends, who danced and cheered her on.

Following the episode, however, 90 Day Fiance viewers took to X (formerly Twitter), where they offered their take on Nikki’s performance, and the consensus was that she shouldn’t quit her day job.

Nikki Exotika’s singing needs some major help, say 90 Day Fiance viewers

One 90 Day Fiance fan uploaded a screenshot of Nikki performing and said she “sounds like a stray cat in heat.”

“Who gave The Nikki a microphone & the audacity?!?” queried another X user, adding a gif of someone dropkicking a TV off a table.

Along with a clip of Nikki’s performance, another 90 Day Fiance commenter asked, “Where on earth does Nikki perform? Hopefully somewhere where no one can hear her!”

“Lord I’m really confused why we have to keep watching Nikki make a fool of herself every Sunday. Make it go away,” penned another naysayer.

Nikki’s song, Your Body, was released in 2019 by her label, Exotika Entertainment LLC.

According to her website, Nikki has performed all over the globe, including London, Mykonos, and Amsterdam.

Your Body is her latest single, and she’s currently working on new music in the studio.

You can listen to the recorded version of Nikki’s song here.

Aside from Nikki’s singing ability, 90 Day Fiance viewers have watched as she and Justin struggled to keep their relationship afloat this season.

Are Nikki and Justin together in America?

Nikki’s performance came on the eve of her trip back to the U.S., leaving Justin behind in Moldova as they awaited his K-1 visa.

Nikki called her return to America “bittersweet” and acknowledged her “rollercoaster of a trip” to Moldova but was hopeful that she and Justin would work things out.

When Nikki returned to the U.S., she planned to hit the stage to start performing again and believed Justin might join her by the summertime. So, are Justin and Nikki together in America?

Nikki celebrated her 48th birthday over the weekend, and judging by some footage she shared on her Instagram Story, it looks as though Justin may have made it to the U.S.

Nikki and Justin danced the night away in a club in one video, and in another, Justin and some of his friends could be heard carrying on in the backseat as Nikki recorded herself in the front of the car.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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