90 Day Fiance viewers are ’embarrassed’ for Natalie Mordovtseva as she details hot and heavy night with Josh

Natalie Mordovtseva during a confessional on 90 Day Fiance
Natalie’s admission following a night with Josh had 90 Day: The Single Life viewers feeling secondhand embarrassment. Pic credit: 90 Day Fiance/YouTube

Natalie Mordovtseva recounting her steamy night with Josh had 90 Day: The Single Life viewers feeling secondhand embarrassment for her.

This season on 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie continues to search for her happily ever after.

The Single Life viewers have met Josh this season, a 40-year-old L.A.-based modeling agency manager.

Natalie, on the heels of her split from Mike Youngquist, is interested in an exclusive relationship and has made it clear that she wants Josh to introduce her as his girlfriend as things have gotten more serious between them.

90 Day Fiance shared a clip from Sunday’s episode on their Instagram in which Natalie dished on her night with Josh after the two had sex.

“I really like Josh a lot and so I decided… I slept with Josh,” Natalie told producers before admitting during a confessional, “I was that moment, in his arms, and I forgot [sic] my name, you know?” adding that she wished Josh would have stayed to share some “tenderness” with her instead of leaving right away.

Natalie told producers that she “really likes” Josh, but after sleeping with him, he left abruptly. Although Josh looks like he might be a good match for Natalie, she is clearly looking for something more serious… and right away.

90 Day: The Single Life viewers are ’embarrassed’ by Natalie Mordovtseva

90 Day: The Single Life viewers felt that Natalie’s admissions were “embarrassing” and took to the comments of the IG post to vent.

“Oh nooooo embarrassing,” read one comment while another one of Natalie’s critics wrote, “Just go with the flow my goodness I’m embarrassed for her.”

More comments echoed the sentiment with one 90 Day: The Single Life viewer commenting, “I always fast forward her part.. she’s so dramatic about almost everything that it makes me cringe.”

“Omg!” read another comment, “I am embarrassed for her!”

90 day fiance fans comment on ig that they're embarrassed for natalie Mordovtseva
Pic credit: @90dayfiance/Instagram

After spilling the beans to producers, Natalie admitted that she needs to feel beautiful around Josh, especially because he is surrounded by gorgeous models all day.

On her last day in L.A., Josh picked up Natalie to head out and meet his friends. But she was feeling frustrated, not knowing where they stood as a couple, and wanted reassurance that he was committed to her.

Do Natalie and Josh have what it takes to make their relationship last?

During their outing with Josh’s friends, Natalie again became frustrated when Josh didn’t introduce her with a specific title rather than just her name.

Natalie wants a commitment from Josh, so will she get the reassurance she needs in their relationship? And do they have what it takes to make their long-distance romance last? Only time will tell.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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