90 Day Fiance UK viewers are outraged by Richard’s definition of a wife

90 Day Fiance UK Richard
Richard is under fire from 90 Day Fiance UK viewers for his definition of a wife. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance UK viewers are six episodes into the hit 90 Day spinoff from across the pond and have gotten to know enigmatic star Richard.

Richard is in a relationship with Philippines native Kathleen and intends on bringing her to the UK. However, Richard’s interpretation of the role he sees Kathleen fulfilling has been seen as sexist, misogynistic, and crass.

During the last few episodes, Richard has explained to his friends, ex-wife, and family that he wants Kathleen to fulfill a deeply domestic role that caters to all his needs. All of this while Kathleen holds down a full-time nursing job since they plan to get her to the UK on a work visa.

Kathleen and Richard experienced a setback in the immigration process when Kathleen failed the English portion of her immigration test. To quell her fears, Richard traveled to spend time with Kathleen in the Philippines and get her family to like him.

Richard’s unabashed personality and the inappropriate topics and opinions he has shared around Kathleen’s friends and family have come under fire.

Specifically, 90 Day UK viewers are taking aim at Richard’s definition of what a wife is after he used a volatile acronym to describe it.

90 Day Fiance UK viewers slam Richard’s definition of a wife

On Twitter, a 90 Day fan account called Richard out for his definition of a wife and referenced Kathleen’s friend’s disdain for it.

Above the picture of Kathleen’s friend Jen’s reaction to Richard’s share, the fan account wrote, “Richard: ‘Wife” stands for Washing, Ironing, F*****g, Etc. Jen was not impressed.”

On Instagram, a popular fan page shared a still image of Richard explaining his definition of a wife and added, “I just can’t with this misogynistic behaviour.”

Instagram post about 90 Day UK's Richard
Pic credit: @90daythemelantedway/Instagram

Back on Twitter, a disgruntled viewer directed their comment toward Richard, saying, “Richard keep your acronyms to yourself.”

Other 90 Day Fiance UK cast members have come under fire

Richard is not the only 90 Day UK cast member that viewers have scrutinized.

Bridie has been criticized for her idea to sell her home and uproot her two young daughters’ lives in order to pay for the visa for her Lebanese boyfriend, Host.

Regarding her decision-making around losing stability for her family to bring Host to the UK, Bridie was bashed for having mixed-up priorities.

Cast member Kadie has acknowledged that some of her culturally insensitive actions and opinions have irked the 90 Day UK audience.

90 Day Fiance UK airs on Sundays on Discovery+.

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