90 Day Fiance: The Other Way spoiler: TJ’s mom scolds Kimberly for showing disrespect with ‘indecent clothes’

Kimberly’s life in India isn’t off to the best start. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kimberly Rochelle hasn’t exactly had an easygoing start to her life in India.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 6 star gave up her life in Alabama to move across the world to India to be with her husband-to-be, Tejaswi (TJ) Goswami, after “finding” him in a dream and TJ “manifested” her by meditating online using her social media profile photo — you know, the typical way couples meet online.

During her first night in her new home, however, Kimberly was disappointed to find that her and TJ’s apartment wasn’t constructed to her liking, and they got into a heated argument.

Then, the tension continued when she got into a squabble with TJ’s brother, Yash, when they didn’t see eye to eye on some things that Kimberly wasn’t willing to compromise on to abide by Indian family culture.

Now, in next week’s episode of The Other Way, Kimberly is striking a nerve with another one of TJ’s family members, this time, his mom, Alka.

A preview clip from the Monday, September 4 episode shows Kimberly involved in a conversation with TJ’s family that takes a left turn when Alka doesn’t approve of her clothing choices.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way spoiler: Kimberly comes under attack from TJ’s family for not dressing appropriately

Admittedly, Kimberly is feeling “super uncomfortable” as tensions continue to mount between herself and TJ’s family. As Kimberly arrives in the living room to join the rest of TJ’s family, Alka takes note of her outfit, which consists of a long-sleeved pink top and distressed jeans.

Kimberly’s attire offends Alka, who asks TJ in their native language, “Doesn’t she know how to dress in front of others?”

While TJ thinks Kimberly’s wardrobe choice is okay, Alka continues to press him, adding, “She should know manners.”

TJ’s mom Alka and brother Yash accuse Kimberly of disrespecting her elders

During a solo confessional, Alka tells TLC’s cameras that in Indian culture, “A daughter-in-law should wear appropriate clothes. She should dress fully. Her cloth below is completely missing. What’s the point of wearing clothes?”

Alka is especially insulted by Kimberly’s attire because her future father-in-law, TJ’s father, Sushil, is seated next to her. Alka considers Kimberly’s outfit a form of disrespect toward her elders.

TJ’s brother, Yash, agrees with their mom and thinks Kimberly needs to learn some manners. However, TJ stands up for his future bride and tells Yash to have some patience.

Meanwhile, Kimberly is oblivious to what is going on around her since she doesn’t understand TJ’s family’s language. But TJ’s mother continues to harp on her future daughter-in-law’s attire and manners, telling him that it’s his responsibility to make sure Kimberly adheres to their culture.

Although Kimberly doesn’t understand fully what Alka is saying, when she brought up the fact that Kimberly told Yash not to touch her when they went shopping for bracelets, she was able to deduce that TJ’s mom was talking about her.

“So, I can only imagine what he’s told his parents about what happened between us,” Kimberly confesses.

Alka continues to complain about Kimberly, telling TJ, “We gave her so much love and said she’s like our daughter. That doesn’t mean she can insult us by saying anything she wants.”

“He doesn’t get it,” Yash chimes in.

TJ sticks up for Kimberly and tells his family to ‘shut up!’

At this point, TJ loses his patience and screams to his family members, “You shut up! Talking nonsense, on and on!”

That’s when Kimberly decides she’s had enough and gets up and leaves the room as TJ, Yash, and Alka continue to bicker back and forth.

“Better to go,” Yash says to get in one last jab.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC, Max, and Discovery+.

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9 months ago

Isn’t this the family where the sons sleep in the bed with the mother? Now the brother wants Kim to be submissive to him? Run Kim!